YouCopia Chef's Edition Spice Rack Review and #Giveaway

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        You know is absolutely love to cook...I also absolutely love to be organized.  I only mention this because it is really hard when you cook like I do to keep things as organized and clean as you would like to.  Not only do I not follow recipes but I just grab a little bit of this a little bit of that and sure enough before I'm done the counter is covered with seasonings of all kinds.

        The hardest part for me is because I am so short I can't reach the top cabinet where all my spices are kept.  I usually have to get up on a stool and grab a whole bunch of them before starting or bug Kevin throughout to help grab me what I need!

        When YouCopia agreed to work with me again for the fathers day event I was pretty pumped.  Last time I was able to review their CoffeeStack organizer and this time they sent me over their Chef's Edition SpiceStack to review.  Now Kevin doesn't have to worry about hanging around the kitchen during dinner to help reach whatever I need.

        YouCopia believes "home should work, so you can play. When every item has a place and every space has a purpose, your home is working for you."  Originally the company began with the SpiceStack which "smartly organizes store-bought spices in the kitchen cabinet."

        Being such an OCD freak, I feel like everything needs to have a place and needs to be organized in a specific way.  With my newest SpiceStack from YouCopia I can organize up to 30 full-size or 60 half-size spice bottles in a very small space.  Because this organizes so perfectly I can either keep it on the counter or back in the cabinet and still easily access each spice.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $39.95 Chef's Edition SpiceStack
Recommendation:  If you own a Keurig, Nespresso Pixie or want an easier way to organizes your spices, YouCopia has what you need.  Their prices are somewhat reasonable on Amazon and pretty comparable to other similar products.  I'd like to see even more of a variety in the future and my only complaint was this came in a white color which doesn't match my all black/chrome kitchen.
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Giveaway:  YouCopia is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Chef's Edition SpiceStack of their own!
This will be part of the Decked Out Dad's Day Giveaway Event begining 5/22/13

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  1. These are such a great idea, I have dug through my spice cabinet numerous times looking for a spice and can't find it so I buy a new one and then later while looking for something else, guess what I find the one I was looking for days later, that is why I have three hardlyused bottles of Thyme and poultry seasoning in my cabinet...and I hardly even use them.. Lol

  2. I am not really OCD, but I hate the fact that my spices have to be rearranged every time someone uses them! I think this is a wonderful idea! A place for everything and everything in its place!


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