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        Who doesn't have that one injury that continuously bothers them?  I know plenty of people who complain about the same injury over and over again.  I am no exception to this annoyance, I suffer from a knee injury I got while playing tennis in high school.  Went for a save and twisted my knee, it has never been the same since.  It flares up whenever the weather is changing or I walk too much and of course with extreme activity.  I have tried things like Tylenol, Aspirin, Icy Hot, Bengay and everything in between.  I have found that icy hot worked the best for me but I really hate the strong scent that comes along with using it.  I don't like to go to work smelling like menthol.  When I heard about the Zim's Max-Freeze Pain relief I was more than happy to give it a try in exchange for a review.

        Freeze pain is exactly how it sounds -a cream that is cold when you apply it to the sight of pain.  It doesn't have a strong menthol odor that many other creams do even though it still had a slight odor but no where near the offensive smell most other creams have.  When I put the cream on my knee I could instantly feel it tingle and cool the area and it didn't numb it like other products.  After only a small application, my knee was no longer hurting and I could walk with out any trouble.  I also loved the fact that I didn't break out from this cream as I have from other's that claim to do the same thing.  This cream was not greasy as others on the market which was a nice perk in my eyes.

        Since my knee acts up when I'm on my feet for long periods of time, when I know I am going to be doing something strenuous I wear my knee brace to help it from swelling up.  But sometimes I don't anticipate the strenuous activity or I end up twisting it funny during the day and I need instant pain relief.   Because of the instant relief I've already felt, I can't wait to pack this along with me when I take my kids to the zoo, or on vacations to amusement parks.  The Zim's Heat Maximum has also been a great roll on relief for Arthritis or any other sprains.  I even used it on my sore calves after walking around Cedar Point all day this past weekend and it really helped to make my calves feel less tight and sore when I moved around.

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $9.99 Max Freeze Gel
$9.99 Zim's Heat Roll On
Recommendation:  Yes, I recommend this product to anyone who suffers from pain form an injury or any chronic pain.  One application of this medication and chances are you won't use anything else.  They also have other products available to arthritis which heats the area that is affected with the pain as well as different lotion solutions.  This is a product that I will continue to use this product for the rest of my life.
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