BabyGanics Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers Review

        It's funny because I had originally planned to use name brand diapers when I first had kiddos but then the first two brands I tried were literally crap.  They fell apart, they would not properly stay on Dane, and they constantly leaked everywhere.  So unfortunately for the other brands I hadn't tried, I gave up all too quickly.

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        Also, one of the things I have said since going green in our household is there were a few things I just wouldn't do because my husband and I also found them to be just too much (and gross!)  These include cloth tampons, cloth pads, and cloth diapers.  What sucks though is these are items that you can fly through and really do some serious damage to your contribution to the landfills.

        Now on my second diaper wearer, I have stuck to only one brand over the last five years (a big name brand I won't mention).  Recently I was asked to review the new Babyganics Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers.  I was ready by now to give something different a try and what better of an opportunity.

        "Now, thanks to BabyGanics, you really can have it all. The launch of Rear Gear Ultra Absorbent Diapers offers consumers the first diapers to truly be baby-friendly, parent-friendly and eco-friendly!"  Not only are these an affordable option (when you usually find yourself paying a pretty penny for organics) but they contain no harsh chemicals, chlorine, latex, petroleum-based lotions or fragrance.

        To be honest I was beyond surprised about the softness of these as soon as I opened the package.  They were unbelievably fluffy and seemed so comfortable (that is if I was the one wearing them, lol).  Being that Declan is prone to rashes in the diaper area I was pretty pumped these were made with an exclusive blend of superior seed oils known as the NeoNourish ComplexTM.

        I love that they even offer a leak indicator for size Newborn through 2.  This way any new parent can feel easier about when the right time to change their babies diaper is!
Cost/Available to Purchase:  Starting at $11.99 a package exclusively at all Babies R Us locations.
Recommendation: I love these!  I originally took the pack to my moms for when she watches the boys and she has quickly fallen in love with how dependable they are!  With my sister due with her first at the end of the summer, we are all about changing to a new brand of diapers for the family!
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