Pumponator Review and #Giveaway - Grenador and Blastonator

        I have always heard crazy stories about my Dad's childhood and how bad they were as kids having egg wars outside people's homes or snowball fights near businesses.  But now having my own boys I understand something I never did before.  Boys are a whole different level of craziness and energy!!  Its just a natural thing for boys to competitive and aggressive at times.

        So one of the things it seems they are always getting as birthday and Christmas presents are Nerf guns and super soakers.  This is of no choice of my own but believe me when I tell you it turns into a war zone in and around my house.  We are always trying to bring in other weapons as well.  Water Balloons being one of those choices which I am sure just about everyone in the country has played with at least once and knows how much fun they can be!

        But what if you could take water balloon fights to the next level?  Well I found a website which does exactly that and I knew I had to get my hands on a few of these weapons for the boys!!  The Pumponator is the original 'Balloon Pumping Station' and they now carry a variety of other water balloon tools and toys.

        These include things like balloon launchers and belts.  Thankfully the awesome people at Pumponator sent me over their Grenador and matching Blastonator in army green camo.  "Green Grenador® includes 100 Grenade Texture bio-degradable water balloons in camo colors."
        Fill with over 2 liters of water and easily pump the lever to pressurize the balloon.  You can even use this empty for regular balloons.  There is even an attached tying tool which makes knotting these easier for little ones.  Then you can easily pair with your Blastonator to launch water balloons up to 40 feet.

        These are a blast and boy did the boys absolutely love them.  So much in fact they wouldn't stop bugging me every day to bring them out.  I had to finally hide them for fear of my computer coming under attack!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.99 Blastonator $19.99 Grenador 
Recommendation:  Now these are of course recommended for 8 and up but the boys were both perfectly fine using these at 5 and 3.  These provide a ridiculous amount of fun for a pretty low cost.
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Twitter: @Pumponator

Giveaway:  Pumponator is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Grenador or Blastonator of their own!  *This will be part of the "Swim, Sun, & Fun Giveaway" event which goes live 6/25/13 so keep a look out for it.

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