Quit It Pet Trainer Spray Review and #Giveaway

        I have two cats that for the most part are good cats, but they do have a few bad habits that I would love to get them to stop doing.  Unfortunately when I spray them with water, they drink the water as I am spraying them in the face (funny but doesn't stop the behavior).   I hate that my boy cat likes to hang out on my counters which I don’t find very sanitary.  Because I had previously worked with a partner company, I was pleasantly surprised to find Quit It Pet Trainer in my mail a few weeks ago!  Since they asked for me to give this a review, I thought why not give it try?  What could it hurt?!

        Quit it Pet Trainer is a can that lets out a hissing sound (works like an air horn) that causes your pet to stop their behavior (if they are somewhat normal).  I was skeptical at first but since I haven’t been able to keep the cat off the counter, I immediately grabbed the can and pressed the button in short bursts as directed and Pez got off the counter in an instant.  I couldn't believe it, the cat who would sit in the sink for hours staring down the drain water on or off, got off the counter within seconds AND without me having to physically move him.

        I was astounded that Pez got off the counter after one spray of the can.  He got back up on the counter once more and I pushed the Quit It Pet Trainer again and sure enough he bolted off the counter.  The third time he got up I just had to show him the can and he got off the counter.   I didn't have to use the spray after that for the first day.  The second day I just had to use it once when I could hear him in the living room scratching the carpet and I sprayed it while in the kitchen,  Pez instantly ran off and I haven’t had to pick the can of spray up again for any reason.  I am happy that the big issues I have had with the second cat are now under control and ridiculously quick.

Cost/Available to Purchase: $10.00 plus shipping and handling for 2 cans
Recommendation: I am a believer and will continue to swear by this product.  Nothing has worked to keep my cat off the counter.  After using this three times, he is on the counter less frequently when I am not home and never when I am home.  I'd say that's a success.  This product plain and simple worked for training my cat with out having to use chemicals or a water bottle especially in my kitchen or leaving everything soaked.
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Giveaway:  Quit It is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a can of Quit It of their own!
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  1. I like the lucky background! also ways to contact you are easy to find GFC, google+, FB, etc...

  2. Thanks for the review - we are going to try this today for our 2 pups!

  3. I have used it for my three cats! They alll do different naughty things! running out the door! It works well but sometimes the runner is faster than me and I have to resort to just old fashioned chasing! (It is the thrill of the excape for her and she stops right outside the house!) But for the counter jumpers, not responding to "no", "off" etc this is a great enforcer. The command then spray!


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