Thumbs Up Wine App - Villa Alena Moscato D'asti Review

Fine Wines, two thumbs at a time!
        This past week we decided to have a lil mini get together as a few of us girls were feeling a little stressed with either our work loads or the kids all being home over finally for the Summer.  It just so happens, I was also recently contacted by an old contact to reconnect and start working together on some reviews.  Not only was I sent over Villa Alena Moscato D'asti to review but a chance to check out a new app.  So of course what better time to sample it?!

        Thumbs Up Wine app is an application for your iPhone (and soon to come to Android phones).  By answering a few quick questions, you can find a wine based on price, type, food pairings, and flavors.  You can even select a wine while at the grocery store by telling the app where you are shopping.  There will always be a full screen photo of the bottle so you know what you are looking for.

        "Thumbs Up Wine is dedicated to making it easy for consumers to find the very best wines – and steer clear of the bad ones – in the stores they shop at the most." You can even jump online to view one of the hundreds of wine video reviews made by the wine experts behind Thumbs Up Wine, Joe and Matt.  Let me tell you in the few that I viewed, you can really see their extreme passion for wine!  I LOVED that like my reviews, it seems they are talking to a friend!

        Now as far as the Villa Alena Moscato D'asti, "A sweet wine, with honeyed-peach, round apple, and flowers. A brown sugar note adds dimension, and the finish is clean and smooooooth."  You could definitely taste the sweetness of the apples and brown sugar as this one was a little too sweet for my liking.  The quality was amazingly smooth and it was extremely tasty to sip on by the pool.  Everyone's overall opinion was it tasted great and my wine expert/ lover said she could definitely taste the quality

        Were not totally satisfied with the app however, as we could not get it to bring up any wines for our local Kroger where we shop.  We attempted to select almost every category and price range but still nothing.  We were however able to bring this information up from our computer so I don't know if we were doing something wrong or if it was our phone?

Cost/Available to purchase: $7 Average ($16 Value) Villa Alena Moscato D'asti 
$0.99 Thumbs Up Wine App available at your app store
Recommendation:  I liked the wine quite a bit and so did a few of my friends!  I think the pricing is beyond great for this type of quality wine.  I also loved the review video for it as well as the app itself.  I would prefer to have it on the android phones though since that's what my phone is!
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  1. I need this app! I have a few favorites I tend to fall back on, but it would be fun to try something new and get a wine recommendation right there in the grocery store!

  2. What a great idea! I am going to pass this post on to my Dad who loves his wines!

  3. Who doesn't love a nice glass of Moscato in the summer? :) Sorry to hear the app wasn't working correctly - it does sound like a cool concept, but it's all in the execution!


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