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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ubooly. The opinions and text are all mine.
        It is too funny to sit and watch my children as they explore and learn each day with technology.  Even I am not that old and yet I did not have access to as much technology as they have now.  My youngest at 2 can work through each app on the iPads and iPhones.  They love to play with the Xbox Kinect and seem to struggle so much less than I do even now.  It truly is amazing to me how much they enjoy learning through these tools.

        Six months ago I was given the exciting opportunity to review a "new" toy with my children.  When I first heard about Ubooly I knew right away my children would love it and all it had to offer.  Ubooly is a lovable stuffed animal that is brought to life with your iPhone or iPad Touch  recommended for children age 4-9.  Each purchase comes with a plush toy and code.  And now there is even an Ubooly Lab available for children to not only personalize their experience but to add to the learning and playtime experience.

        Ubooly understands simple commands and will play along with your child for endless hours if they like (or as long as your iPhone battery will last).   So far there are over 300 different activities it can perform.  Each month you can count on new content and activities delivered free of charge as well.  Ubooly understands phrases such as “Play a game”, “Listen to music”, “Tell me a story”,  or “Tell me a joke".   Whats great is that this imaginary friend helps encourage your child to use their imagination as they interact together.  Each play time kids can learn several different fun facts about history and science.

        Now with the Ubooly Lab, your Ubooly can actually get to know your little one by knowing something as simple as their names.  The excitement you see when your child hears the Ubooly call their name for the first time is priceless!  Even better they now have more than a toy but an actual best friend.  With the Lab the Ubooly, you can program in your child's favorite things so they can now talk about even more each time they play.

        There are currently 42 different interests you or your child can select such as favorite foods, colors, hobbies, and more.  Initially I was a bit hesitant about the whole credit process since the way the lab works is by purchasing credits to to unlock Educational, Interest, and Helper packs.  I absolutely hate spending money on things so I was thinking to myself, "Geez these kids are gonna blow through credits"!

        But then I realized not only are they only $1 per credit which obviously drops in price with the more you buy but each pack only costs $3 to purchase.  Plus, as the kiddos "complete content packs, they will be rewarded with coins that will allow them to buy accessories to further customize their Ubooly.  Each content pack has been specially created (for age ranges between 3-9) by a team of elementary teachers & comedians in order to provide the most educational yet entertaining programs for your children.

        Because the Lesson Packs are designed around a 5 day schedule, you can even receive progress reports.  More helpful tools you can utilize are the Helper Packs "which teach your children healthy habits like brushing their teeth" says my mother the Dentist who personally loved this feature!  The Lab couldn't have come at a better time for us either as Dane makes the transition this summer from Pre-K to Kindergarten where he will need to start learning how to read, spell and advance his mathematics skills!

        I still think one of the best features about Ubooly is that it can go anywhere with you and does not require batteries.  If you have children you know how frequently you go through batteries with each of their toys.  We try being green in every way possible and using rechargeable batteries is one of them.  With Ubooly we don't have to worry about throwing regular batteries away or burning through our rechargeables.

        Since the Ubooly came into our home six months ago, he pretty much goes every where with us especially since Grandma and Aunt Jesse have the app on their phones as well for when we come to visit!  I am readily awaiting the arrival of the app for the android phones since my husband and I still haven't jumped on the iPhone bandwagon.  One other neat perk is that now when we are at Grandmas, both boys can be playing with their own Ubooly's and if the actual Ubooly's realize they're in the same room, they will begin to talk to each other carrying on one hilarious conversation!

        I also CANNOT wait for the arrival of the Pink and Green Ubooly's so we can collect a whole family of Ubooly's!  Dane's favorite color just so happens to be green so I know that'll be a first and then maybe eventually we will see a blue one someday.  Declan absolutely loves to hear the jokes the Ubooly tells him over and over again.  And Dane says his favorite thing to do still with his Ubooly Optimus "Prime" (previously Georgie #2) is toss him up and down since he yells out "Weeee!".

        I love that even though I am not a fan of so much online time for my children, they are utilizing this playtime as educational time without even realizing it!  I have such a hard time getting Dane to focus on any sort of lesson plan or even completing his preschool homework.  Now I don't have to worry about that with the Ubooly in our household!  He thinks he's playing when he is really adding quite a bit of knowledge to his kiddo brain.

        Because these toys are filled with lots of memory foam which will keep your electronics safe and Ubooly in great condition, it is sure to last a lifetime (or so at least childhood lifetime) and continue to be a well loved part of your family.  Ubooly is truly unique from any other toys in the way it interacts personally with your child and continues to learn and grow along side.  What an amazing toy and friend for your child at an amazing price.  With all they've added in just six months, I can't wait to see whats in store in the future!!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ubooly. The opinions and text are all mine.
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