Wiener Dog Nationals on DVD Review

       So this next movie I wasn't super excited to see myself and my expectations weren't set really high because of the last few movie reviews I've done for Inception Media.  Most of the acting has been sub par and story lines kind of cheesy.  However, On July 2, 2013, Inception Media Group will release Wiener Dog Nationals on DVD which more than exceeded my expectations.

        The synopsis says "A boy and his family adopt a runt of a dachshund from the local shelter and name her Shelly in honor of shelter dogs everywhere. Despite all odds, Shelly surprises the boy’s father (Jason London) when she places in the state trials of Wienerschnitzel's illustrious Wiener Dog Nationals race.

The family pools all of its resources to advance to the next round only to face strong opposition from the reigning champion, Princess, and her owner Ms. Merryweather (Morgan Fairchild). Meanwhile, judge Melanie (Alicia Witt) is banned from the race by the head judge (Bryan Batt) when she tries to help the family prove that Ms. Merryweather is cheating. Relying only on her skill and her young owner’s passion, little Shelly and her new family must face the challenge of advancing through the cutthroat world of the nation’s greatest wiener dog race. One race. One nation. One wiener!"
        This was such a cute movie and story about a family coming together after loss.  My only complaint is that because it was a review copy, that was posted on the middle of the screen in white lettering.  Not only did this make it hard to watch and enjoy but it was kind of disappointing that they assumed someone in media would honestly copy it illegally.  Overall, we all did enjoy it!

Suggested Retail Price:  $26.98
Recommendation:  Although this wasn't a bad movie I still would not pay $27 for this or even half that.  Childrens movies should be cheaper as you know as a parent that your kids either watch a movie thousands of times or they have no interest in it again.  I would hate to spend this kind of money on something not animated that will only hold their attention for so long.
Genre:  Family/Comedy
Rated: G
Format:  DVD
Running Time:  Approx. 82 Minutes
Pre-Order Date:  May 28, 2013
Street Date:  July 2, 2013
Catalog #:  IMG1217DVD
UPC Code:  #815300011720

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