Heart of the Vampire (Book Review) and #Giveaway

        I absolutely loved Call of a Vampire and was beyond over the moon when Gayla Twist contacted me to read and review Heart of the Vampire book two in the Vanderlind Castle Series.  I was ready to catch up with Aurora and Jessie to see how they were working out their sorted love affair of human and vampire.  When I finished the first book it was left me wanting to learn more of their story and follow their journey.  So of course I finished this book in two days flat, just like the first I just couldn't put it down.  Jessie, Aurora and Collette bring you in and make you want to learn more, read more, and want more.

        Heart of the Vampire picks up right where book one left off with Jessie and Aurora not being able to see each other, but pining away for one another.  Despite the fact they are not together Aurora can't stop thinking about Jessie so much so that she believes she is seeing vampires flying in the sky.  When Jessie does come visit her after a month, it is as if no time has gone by the feelings they both have are so strong.  Jessie informs Aurora that they need to travel to Budapest to appear in front of the Bishops for a hearing about Viktor's death.  Aurora has to figure out how to get to Budapest with a corpse (Jessie) and back home all over Thanksgiving break.  She also has to figure out how to get the Bishops and other vampires not to kill her on the spot.

        Heart of a Vampire left me wanting to know more again and relieved to know that a third book in the series is due out in December.  I have grown to love these characters and want to know what the Bishops have in store for Jessie and Aurora.  Are they going to allow her and Jessie to live?  Will Aurora ever get to see her mom or great-aunt again?  Read the series to find out what happens to these enchanting characters. I highly recommend them for your summer reading material.

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Recommendation: Highly recommend this book and series to anyone who wants a really well developed love story and enjoys reading about vampires and the world of the undead.  This book is really well written and is an enjoyable read.
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