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SnoozeShade USA
        I remember taking our first real "family trip" about 5 years ago with Dane and being super excited to take my newborn somewhere special to show him off.  It was nice to get myself out and about to enjoy some vacation time.  The only thing I didn't realize is how much of a pain it was to travel with a newborn!  You need to have everything you could possibly need (or at least we thought so since this was my first baby).  I swear no one else in our group packed a single thing and we had baby stuff shoved in everyone else's luggage.

        The funny thing is once we got to the resort in Orlando, we quickly realized we had wasted the efforts in packing everything since all newborns really need are the basics.  Being that Dane was only about two months old, we would take him to the pool but only be able to keep him out in the sun for maybe 20 minutes at a time.  Not only was this the only time in his life where he wanted to sleep but we were worried about the sun on his fresh, sensitive baby skin.

        The problem we had though, was when we would set him in the stroller to sleep poolside trying to keep him cool and shaded comfortably.  We would lay towels over the stroller to keep him in the shade but then in the high Florida heat he would get quite warm and sweat.   At times it was difficult to keep the towel draped over without the wind blowing it off and it really just never did the trick!

        I wish I had had a Snooze Shade USA with us at that time which would have helped a great deal!!  Snooze Shade is a one size fits all cover for your strollers, car seats, and even a special size for playards!  The "sun protection shields baby from over 97% of harmful UV rays (UPF40+)" so no matter where you are you can feel confident your babies eyes and skin are safe!  Because it blocks 94% of light, your baby will fall asleep and stay asleep easier and longer without the normal distractions!
SnoozeShade for Playards - Classic
        My favorite part of this cover is the front zipper which you can use to easily peak in and check on baby!  The fabric is stretchable, lightweight, and breathable so children like my sweaty boys won't over heat in the warm weather.  Plus if you get anything on it accidentally, this is machine washable and easily slides on and off!  Now even though my boys are old enough that I don't need this anymore, I have a nephew on the way which I will be able to watch much easier at our "office" to help my sister out when I can!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $39.99 Original Deluxe
Recommendation:   Not only do I wish I had one of these when the boys were younger, I think the pricing is pretty reasonable since you are getting true protection as well as a product you actually need.  I think this would make for a great baby shower gift too!
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