The Otter Pop Stars

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    It is summer once again and the children have just finished up their school year which means planning lots of fun activites to keep the kiddos busy (and out of my hair).  We have spent a ton of time this Summer at the office which is technically poolside while the kiddos play and Amy and I work on our laptops. Being that we are outdoors majority of the day we want to keep the children hydrated and still eating properly.  We also want them to have fun and enjoy the things they are eating!
So asking ourselves what do all children love that can help beat the heat??  Popsicles!!  But not just any popsicles as they can become messy, most are not healthy for you and kids need something quick and easy.  One of my favorite and biggest go to brand has always been Otter Pops.  They are an inexpensive snack that I can easily grab for the kids.
With this heat wave we have been having not only here in Michigan but across most of the country, it has been super important to keep the kids cool and hydrated to the max. Otter Pops are made from 100% Real Fruit Juice keeping the kids from consuming all that unnecessary sugar while out running around.   These awesome treats contain no major allergens either so you can rest easy tossing a few their way!
When I was recently asked to check out the Otter Pop Stars I was pretty psyched to find a bit more fun I could add to the kiddos summer days.  Each of the six flavors of Otter Pops have a different personality and story!  These characters include Poncho Punch, Alexander the Grape, Strawberry Short Kook, Sir Isaac Lime, Little Orphan Orange, and Louie-Bloo Raspberry.  My kids loved visiting the website and reading all about their likes and dislikes.  It was a lot of fun learning how to tell the difference between a fruit and a vegetable with these characters too!  Poncho Punch is Declan's favorite (go figure) and Dane loves Sir Isaac Lime Flavor!
Mostly they truly loved rockin it out to the music videos on the site!  Being that Kevin (my husband) is a very talented singer with a successful past, all three of my children are hardcore into music in some way whether it be singing, instruments, or dance.  The Otter Pop Stars give them something fun to break away from the normal daily activities with.  We have been turning the music on outside and jammin to it by the pool the last few days!
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