Bedtime Math Book Review (reposted) and PJ Party Library Pack Update

        As a completely unexpected thank you I was recently sent over a sneak peak of the Bedtime Math Pajama Party Pack to celebrate (and learn) even more with my kiddos!  I wanted to share the info regarding this as I feel like it is a must have for anyone with kiddos especially in the ages of sleepovers!  The Bedtime Math Pajama Party Packs include:

Contents for Kit #1 include:

Large tangrams for group picture creation (for children ages 6-9)
Shiny gold star stickers for the calendar
Monster Dominoes: giant blank dominoes and sparkly safari stickers
Glow-in-the-dark magnets
Bedtime Math brochures for the parents
Party favor bags

Contents for Kit #2 include:

Mystery Clocks: Bedtime Math clock with number (ages 3-9) or equation (ages 6-9) stickers and foam hands
Shiny gold star stickers for the calendar
Zip Line Zoo: lanyard cord and keychain animals
Glow-in-the-dark pencils
Bedtime Math brochures for the parents
Party favor bags

        Let me tell you not only did this kit come with everything you can think of to make learning time fun and exciting for the children but it included every day items I could use for teaching moments (while playing).  My kids especially liked the dominos which were huge enough to use across the living room plus they got to create them all on their own!
        I have to say one of the things I have always been terrible about with my children is reading to them at night before bed.  Each time I would attempt to read to them they would quickly get annoyed and want to either sleep or to watch a program and fall asleep to it.  I know how terrible this is but they have always seemed to learn better when it is their decision.  Being boys they enjoy the more interactive books and activities so we have always tried to incorporate those types of books during our day time reading sessions.

Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late
        Thankfully because Dane and Alana are so far apart in age (10 years to be exact), Dane has always  been very advanced in all school areas.  When Declan came along and actually struggled quite a bit with speech, the kids all started reading together.  It has been the one activity I can finally get them to do together without the typical sibling arguing.  So when a friend contacted me about reviewing a new program/book called Bedtime Math, we were pretty pumped to add that additional interaction factor into our daily reading!

        I was quickly sent over the book to review and we of course had to open it the morning it arrived!  "Bedtime Math’s mission is simple: to make nightly math as common and beloved as the bedtime story. "  I find myself like most adults complaining that I am not up on the new math trends to help the kiddos with homework even though I studied engineering in college.  I don't want to see them struggle in any area really but especially in a subject such as math which you WILL use throughout your life.

        The Bedtime Math synopsis says "Inside this book, families will find fun, mischief-making math problems to tackle—math that isn't just kid-friendly, but actually kid-appealing. With over 100 math riddles on topics from jalapeños and submarines to roller coasters and flamingos, this book bursts with math that looks nothing like school. And with three different levels of challenge (wee ones, little kids, and big kids), there’s something for everyone. We can make numbers fun, and change the world, one Bedtime Math puzzle at a time."

        We especially loved that this book is not just geared towards one age group but honestly everyone!  Not only did Alana not get bored easily with the problems being to easy for her but she found it actually helped her keep her brain working with little riddles.  Some of the questions were easy enough for Declan at age 2, to simply count characters.  And Dane learned the most  being able to visualize as well as see direct examples while figuring out a few complicated math problems.
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Recommendation:  Definitely worth the money for this one.  This had great lessons for the kiddos and honestly kept them interested over and over.  Plus there is an online app and daily math problems on the website so all sorts of extras!
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  1. I love math & I have posted a lot of fun things to do with math. The Bedtime Math program sounds wonderful. How great to have a book geared to a wide range of ages that makes math fun and not just a class at school.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book and program , especially as it applies to a wide range of ages and pleases all those children.


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