Christmas Lighting Green Awareness

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        I hadn't really thought of shopping online for my outdoor lighting before.  I have always gone to places like Target or Home Depot for things for the home inside or out.  Kevin and I have been shopping around for a nice set of sidewalk/pathway lights.  I've also been interested in purchasing a really different candelabra/chandelier.  At our last house we had a a beautiful chandelier and built in lighting around the outside of our home and I just feel like it is time to update this home with these items.

        Now as everyone knows, we are also entering the holiday season again.  In the last couple years we have been trying to slowly make the change into having Green Holidays.  Since, we've been trying to become more green as a family, I figure what better time than the holidays to make this change.  ChristmasLightsetc are one of the easiest areas to focus on changing.

        Halloween is of course our favorite decorating season where we go all out!  But at what cost?  We are struggling like everyone financially, trying to save on our electric bills while still trying to reduce the amount of utilities we use in an effort to help the planet.

        Halloween is a time that can create tons of waste decorating with cheap quality products that just end up in the trash.  Each year we decorate with animated creatures and lights which of course uses tons of that energy.  People use so much energy putting up extravagant christmas light shows for Christmas as well as people like us during Halloween.

        Faulty string lighting and poor quality lighting can cause fires and terrible losses for families around the world specifically during this time of the year.  Christmas in my eyes is one of the most wasteful times of year between the wrapping paper, fresh cut trees (which kills me), and the over use of energy lighting peoples homes.

        When you take the time to find a dependable company which supplies quality lighting, you can still decorate but without the same wastefulness.  Whats great is you can usually find a variety of lighting including more than just Christmas lights from these stores.  These can be used for other holidays and throughout the season.  My personal favorite has always been the lighted palm trees and patio lighting as I am a true romantic and those have always been mood setters in my eyes!

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