Does Your Man Fear the Doctor?

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Ask many women about how often their husbands or boyfriends go to the doctor’s office and they may have to think on it for a minute or two.  We all know how most of the men/boys in our life turn into big babies when they get sick yet they don't want to make the effort to get better since that means going to the doctor!

Unfortunately, too many men do all they can to avoid regular doctor visits, oftentimes leaving themselves susceptible to myriad of health issues. For the women who love them, that often means nagging them to go get an annual physical, along with not letting a potentially serious illness or injury go unchecked.

While not every woman will be successful in encouraging her significant other to take care of themselves, many others will.

One way to get the ball rolling is by making sure that your husband or boyfriend knows his personalized healthcare options.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

For too many men, taking care of themselves (both diet and exercise), being attentive to warning signs, and seeing a doctor regularly seems like the impossible. So, a potential problem has the possibility of growing into something more severe. For those that love them, the frustration of not taking care of oneself becomes frustrating.

If you find yourself dealing with a man who does not like doctoring, keep a few things in mind, among which include:

* Be persistent - Yes, you do not want to nag your guy to death, but you also do not want him coming up with countless excuses to ditch his doctor’s appointment. Leave gentle reminders, along with sweetening the pot. Schedule your appointment the same day he does and tell him that you will take him to dinner after your appointments are over with;

* Be newsworthy - While you do not have to cut out every article you see in newspapers and magazines or print out every piece online, provide him with some data on the dangers of not getting an annual physical. From prostate cancer to heart disease, men can be prime targets for both diseases, especially if there is a history of one or both in the family;

* Be supportive - Some men choose to avoid the doctor because of fear, while others do it as a result of no insurance. Whatever the reason may be, make sure you encourage your guy to get checked out. While some men think it is not macho to go see a doctor on a regular basis, support him by telling him that it is in fact. If they are lacking insurance, remind them that there are affordable plans out there. By seeing a doctor regularly, many men can head off potential illnesses and large medical bills down the road;

* Be there - Finally, some men may be more inclined to diet and exercise, plus see the doctor annually if their wife or girlfriend is doing the same. While it is no surprise many more women see a doctor regularly than men do, both genders can change that. When it comes to preventative care, encourage your guy to exercise with you, along with eating better. When you do the two together, it not only improves his odds of staying healthier, but you also enjoy more quality time together.

So, is it about time your guy visited the doctor?

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  1. My man is quite knowledgeable about health care and like to discuss the different options with his doctors. It is important to have a good relationship with the doctor so that the visit is not like going to a clinic.


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