EnergyEarth BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip Review and @MOON_Blogs #Giveaway

        As such an eco-friendly person I am always trying to keep up on my family about ways to save money like simply turning off lights when not in the room, unplugging appliances when not in use, or taking shorter showers instead of baths.  Regardless of how they do it I love seeing the effort from each one of them.

BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip
        Thankfully there are companies available such as EnergyEarth which can help move your family into this greener lifestyle.  Not only can they help save you on your utilities but keep from over using electricity as well.  Energy Earth's mission is to "empower the world to use less energy and natural resources".

        One of my biggest pet peeves has always been when the appliances are left plugged in.  But what if they arent as easily accessable.  We all know all too well that most outlets are placed in hard to reach spots in hopes of actually hiding unappealing clusters of plugs.  It drives me insane that certain appliances have to be left plugged in because I can't easily reach them.

        The people over at EnergyEarth have decided to partner up with A Lucky Ladybug to bring you a series of energy saving items for the every day home!  The first product they sent which addresses my issues above, is their BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip.  This awesome power strip has a variety of features!

        You can "shut off power to all of your computer peripherals with just one touch with this USB current sensing BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip remote switch. Or, connect the power strip to a USB port on you computer and when the current drops through the USB cable when you shut down your computer it will automatically turn off peripherals for you."

        This wonderful plug can be controlled with a simple click of a button.  Two outlets are always on and four of the outlets can save you tons of money and energy when not in use. We were at first confused about how this might work but it quickly has turned into a useful tool to have.  I keep my computer plugged into the outlet as well as our cell phone chargers.  This way each shut off when not in use!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $34.95 BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip
Recommendation:  I think the pricing is right in line with something which is going to save you so much in the long run!  There is a huge variety to be found with this company which can help anyone save all around!
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Giveaway:  EnergyEarth is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a BITS Wireless Smart Strip Power Strip of their own!
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  1. I would love to have the wireless smart stip


  2. I love Energyearth's bits wireless smart strip. What a great help to have the smart strip connected to one of your computer's USB ports on you computer and when the current drops through the USB cable when you shut down your computer it will automatically turn off peripherals for you. I will buy this the next time we replace our surger.


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