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        So finding a truly healthy pasta or rice side is really hard.  Those whole wheat pasta's and even brown rice is still not great for you in large quantities.  Being that I come from an Italian family, these types of things are important to me.  I was excited when I came across something called Miracle Noodles.  Not only is this a really healthy alternative for most people looking to reduce their calories but it also has zero carbs.  This is an excellent perk for most everyone as well, especially those with (hyper) or hypoglycemia and Diabetes.  With so many ailments that plague our nation, finding foods that are tasty and actually good for you is hard to find.

        Miracle Noodle is made from konnyaku which is a super food.  This food is the truest guilt free noodle that is out there.  I absolutely love the fact that they not only make noodles of different pasta, linguine, angle hair but also with different ingredients such as the spinach noodles.  I think the fact that they make a rice as well out of this super food is a great! Being a girl who loves risotto this is great news for me since that is normally such a heavy dish and this gives it a lighter carb count.

        I made the angel hair Miracle Pasta first off to go with my chicken cacciatore.  The directions say to rinse the noodles after you drain them and then boil for 2-3 minutes, then drain and put in fry pan for a few minutes to get rid of excess moisture.  I cooked these noodles according to the directions and used it as a bed for the chicken cacciatore in which the kids and I enjoyed it all.  The noodles didn't really have a taste and it so it blended nicely into the dish.  I really enjoyed the noodles it added a little something extra to the dish and knowing I wasn't going to be bogged down by all the carbs made it even better.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $39.99 for variety sampler 
Recommendation: Although this is a little pricey for diet food, it is really tasty and easy to prepare.  It tastes
really good, unlike other diet foods that are on the market that also loaded with sodium.
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