PearlMountain Technology Picture Collage Maker Review

        Its almost crazy the amount of technology that is around surrounding photos and phones nowadays.  I actually take majority of my blog photos with my phone since the quality comes out twice as good as my digital camera (even though I wish I had a new one to use for the blog).  The point though is that no one really takes film pictures anymore with the exception of a few photographers.  Even so most is digital because of these ease of editing.

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        Recently I was contacted by PearlMountain Technology and asked to review their new application for iPhone and iPod Touch - Picture Collage Maker.  Being that I still haven't jumped on board the iAnything train, I decided this would be a good one for my daughter Alana.  As a teenage girl, she is constantly taking photos of herself and her friends.

        "Picture Collage Maker for iOS 1.4.0 is a free app that enables you to create personalized collages quickly and easily on iPhone and iPod Touch."  With this app you can easily share your projects on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.

        Over 10 free templates are included and you can load pictures from your phone or iPod Touch and even import them right from Facebook!  Alana said it was an awesome app to use if you started with your own blank template.  However, she said with the standard templates, it seems more like greeting cards and doesn't allow for as many pictures without covering up the designs making it look odd.
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Cost/Available to purchase: $FREE (limited time) 
Recommendation:  She liked the app quite a bit and uses it frequently!  I would recommend this as a free app of course for anyone who takes tons of photos and might want to spice up the way they display them in an easy way!

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  1. This might be the perfect app for my son. I shall tell him about it. Thanks for the review.


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