Planet Box Shuttle Kit Review


         So working in the schools I am continually looking to find new eco friendly ideas to be able to use to pack my children their lunches when it is time for school.  I hate spending money on all the baggies or lunch bags!  Well reusing Tupperware and lunch boxes can be great but what about when you want to send your child hot food for lunch?  Most schools don't have microwaves for the students to use because it would just be too time consuming to heat everyone's lunch up in the allotted time.

        When I found out about the company Planet Box, I was super excited when they agreed to send me over a box for the girls to review this school year!  This company makes all stainless steel lunch boxes with several compartments.  This way packing healthy snacks can become not only fun to eat but more appealing in each of their own sections.  I particularly love the tall dipper which is magnetic and sticks to the box in order to prevent spills while children are dipping foods into their condiments.  Believe me, I have seen it happen on more than one occasion!

        Planet Box uses non toxic materials that are green friendly and actually makes packing healthier lunches for yourself and the kids easier.  They sent me over the Ladybug Shuttle Kit for review.  Not only do my girls think this bag is super cute, they love opening the tray to see what they have to eat (almost as if opening a surprise).
        The tall sauce cup holds most anything without spilling (ketchup, syrup, and honey) and I love how everything stays closed easily with the easy open locking lid.  This is super easy to pack and keep fresh in the fridge until needed this way you can pack them their lunch the night before.  This truly is a great way to keep your children excited about lunches and be green friendly all at the same time.  Lunchtime can be fun again.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $39.95 Shuttle Complete
Recommendation: I highly recommend this product for anyone who works or parents with children in school.  This is a super easy green friendly product that will help to get you to eat healthier.  I love how easy this is to clean and the separate compartments keep all the food from touching each other (now if I could find a product that could keep my kids from touching one another) ;)  I do think the price is a little high however it seems to be something which will last quite a long time.
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  1. I love these! Love the name of your blog too :)

  2. I think the price is high, but as you say, they should last a long time. It's also nice to have an alternative that is not made of plastic.


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