Sun Protection Zone Review

        Finding my oldest daughter a swimsuit that she loves is really hard to do since she loves all things "boy" and nothing "girlie."  Her favorite color is blue and she doesn't like anything remotely girlie related.  So when I found Sun Protection Zone, I was super excited.  Not only do they have cute suits that Mikayla actually liked and said she would wear but the suits are even UV protective.

        Sun Protection Zone is a company that is an innovator in the sun protection clothing and other products.  They have come out with several lines of clothing made up of 100% UVA and UVB protection for both adults and children.  Living in this day and age where we now know the effects that the sun has on our bodies, sunscreen protection is extremely important.

        But for those of us like myself, who are allergic to the chemicals used in the majority of the sunscreens, it becomes difficult.  I have to look for special kid friendly (spray) sunscreen that I can put on them so they won't break out in a rash.  These suits are amazing for that.  I have less area that I need to spray with sunscreen and less of a chance I will end up with a rash all over my hands as well.  My kids used to have a suit that was UV protective when they were little but they have since grown out of it.

        This also has thumb holes in the sleeves which is super awesome and the whole look makes my daughter look like a mini surfer chick with her hair all blonde and wavy from air drying after a swim in the pool.  My only complaint about this suit as with all one piece suits for little girls, meaning you have to take the whole suit off to use the bathroom which is not easy when wet!

        What I love about this suit is the fact that it is blue long sleeved while the main portion is white with little flowers in blues and pinks.  The nice thing is it isn't too girlie for my oldest because of the blue my girlie girl princess will wear this in a couple years because of the flowers and pinks.  It is perfect for both my daughters and seems like it will last through both of them.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $25.00 Girls One pc Long Sleeve Suite
Coupon Code: Enter Coupon Code 'BLOG20OFF' at checkout to receive 20% off your order.
Recommendation: I highly recommend this product to anyone with little kids that either hate having to get sunscreen put on them or those that are allergic to sunscreens like us.  This is really a great price for this kind of protection.  This company was easy to work with shipping was super fast.
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  1. Now these are a cool invention, I have seen scarves, umbrellas, shirts and pants, not the swim suites. Coming from M.O.O.N group Alexa today!! Hope you an visit --> Here Oh My Heartsie Girl <--

  2. Thanks you for review I'll keep in mind for future needs

  3. I didn't know that they had swim suits like this with UVA,UVB protection. This is a great invention and the suits are attractive too.

  4. These swim suits are great, I wish they'd had something like this when I was a kid, because I spent a lot of time not enjoying the beach or swimming pool because of sun sensitivity due to lupus. Your daughter's suit is so adorable! I like that they use colorful and pretty designs for the suits, instead of the wetsuit look.

  5. my daughter is the same way thanks for the review


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