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        There are two things I don't think any of my children could ever have enough of - stuffed animals and blankets.  I swear I think we have more than enough of both, then another child asks for a new one because "its so cute!" or "its the softest I've ever felt Mom!".  Boy or girl it's just a kid thing to love the soft and cuddly things.

        Now I'm not a huge fan of how everyone has to come out with their own slightly different versions of every toy (ie. pillow pets), but sometimes one company can come out with something cute that others haven't thought of.  My kids have been bugging me like crazy about a product called Tummy Stuffers and honestly the first thing I said to myself was "seriously what now?!"

        Then, I was given the opportunity to review a Tummy Stuffer myself.  Tummy Stuffers are basically a hollow stuffed animal (13") which can hold anything they choose!  Each one comes with a mini Tummy Stuffer (8") as well!  We received the Monkey which fit perfectly with the theme of the boys bedroom!  There are even six critters to choose from.

        These little guys are super soft and cuddly.  I prefer (as do the boys) to stuff these guys with blankets or other stuffed animals as they are very soft to lay on or hold when you do so.  They of course make for a cute storage bin of sorts for other harder toys such as legos and to be honest I like the idea of this decorative way to store the kiddos toys.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $19.99 + 8.99 S/H 
Recommendation:  These are a little expensive in my eyes but such a cute combo.  I just don't know if I see myself paying nearly $30 for a small storage animal such as this.
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