Lice Guard Robi Comb Lice Zapping Comb Review

        So being a parent and also an employee of the school system, I have seen first hand how quickly lice can spread from one child to the next.  Last year in my building alone we had three separate incidents of a lice break out in a few of the classrooms.  I would have loved to have a lice comb in my possession for this purpose.  I saw a parent who had to keep giving treatments in order to get rid of all the lice before the child was allowed back at school.  I felt terrible for this parent since they were thrown into this unfortunate circumstance.  If this parent had this Robi Comb Lice Zapping Comb from Lice Guard I am sure they wouldn't have had to use so many products.

        The Robi Comb uses and electronic pulse in order to zap the lice and eggs only and doesn't harm your child.  I have seen many of these products sold when I worked at a pharmacy as it is the non-chemical way to get rid of lice. I was super excited to get one to try out since lice is one of the nasty bugs in my opinion and I definitely do not want them in my house.  I think that every parent should have this product on the off chance your child picks lice up at school, daycare, or anywhere else they may be around other kids.

        Now, lately I've been fortunate in not having to actually use this product just yet as we have not had a lice outbreak at the school I work at or at my daughters school.  I know that I will be glad though to have this should one of my girls get lice in the near future.  I hate to use chemicals on them and strongly feel we should not be using them on or around our children and would prefer a more natural solution for ridding our children of these nasty bugs.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $26.95 Robi Comb
Recommendation: Since Lice is very easy to catch once it is contacted, and it is very time consuming to get rid of I think this product is the best one on the market.  It works with quickness and such ease that getting rid of lice hasn't been easier since before the Robi Comb.  Every household with children needs to have this product in their medicine cabinet for such times.

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