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        As blogger I am constantly on the go with technology, style and electronics being a huge part of my life!  Being up on the newest and best in each category is key as it is a huge part of my life.   Because I am always working on some form of project, I need to have constant access to the web.  Over the last few months I had to replace my laptop to stay up to date on the latest trends and technology.

        Since then I have also been looking into a tablet for use outside of the home.  Right now my life seems to depend on my phone and I am frequently (or always) using it for work.  Because of this, my phones always seem to take a beating.  Every time I come due for an update I jump on the opportunity!  Being that I have been with Verizon for over 15 years, I haven't taken the time to really explore any other options available to me.
Best Buy Mobile Stores
        Recently, I was sent an invite to check out the Trade-in program available at the Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores.  When I first heard the name Best Buy Mobile, I honestly assumed it mean the mobile section of any Best Buy.  I was totally wrong.  Best Buy Mobile stores are dedicated mobile device specialty stores located in nearby malls and shopping centers.

        Not only can you shop online here but you can check your current phones trade in value and get up to $200 back (depending on condition and model) just for getting rid of the old phone.  If your like me you either have a stack of old ones laying around or your children have taken them over once they die as play phones.
Any Carrier, Any Phone, Any Plan
        They have an easy store locator on the website which we found ours wasn't but a 20 minute drive to a nearby mall.  There are currently 414 stores available nationwide!  To  my surprise this was definitely nothing I had expected to see from Best Buy.  I had no idea they did this EVERYDAY!  What pleased me the second I walked in the store was the number of available employees as well as their swift willingness to help.

        I seriously dread going to Verizon every time I need service or need to trade my old phone in.  It is a nightmare and no one seems to care about helping you!  This is not the case at Best Buy Mobile.  The sales associates are able to check in store whether you are due for an upgrade or what type of service features you currently have.  They can do this for all companies like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

        We were almost overwhelmed with excitement as this smaller store had a variety of the latest smartphones, tablets, and accessories.  At Best Buy Mobile they are able to set up and activate any new phones, transfer old contacts and data (aka Kevin's games). They even quickly set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program.

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Recommendation:  The prices are beyond reasonable, the staff was great, the locations are pretty convenient (although I'd like to see more), and even their insurance rates and coverage are better - all while still staying with your same provider!  Need I say any more?!
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