Grady's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Review

Grady's Cold Brew
        Now I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable in the coffee and tea beverage area.  I won't mention the name of the restaurant that I was a Training Manager at but I had to be quite savvy in the beverage department.  I prepared gourmet coffee beverages, Italian sodas, and dessert beverages daily.  After leaving this company I still have the taste for the same drinks (without of course the cost).

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        I hate going to places like Starbucks or the Coffee Beanery everyday to get a yummy snack.  So what do I do?  I create them at home like everyone else is forced to do (especially to save money) plus I know how to so why not!?  I am by all means not a coffee addict like some who need it to function, however, I consider myself to be a Connoisseur!

        So when Grady's Cold Brew agreed to send me over a few samples of their coffee concentrate.  This New Orleans–style coffee concentrate is brewed and bottled by hand. "Each batch is made by steeping a special blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight, then removing the grounds using a two-step filtration process."

        The best part is this can be made hot or cold.  So Kevin who only drinks his coffee hot and black can enjoy a smooth cup mixed with water (heated up) and I can enjoy a refreshing glass over ice mixed with milk.  Um, also don't forget those days where you need a little kick in your beverage by adding some vodka and/or Kahlua to this awesome concentrate.

        I mentioned earlier not being a coffee addict however, after trying this brew, I have to say I am hooked.  I am even drinking a glass of iced as I type this review.  This brings back some flavor memories of a good old fashioned cup of coffee that you don't get as often anymore with all the fancy foo foo drinks from places like Starbucks!

Available to purchase/Cost: $30/2 Pack - 32oz each 
Recommendation:  Seems expensive especially if you drink coffee like a fiend however, its worth the cost if you enjoy savoring a cup just the way you like it.  I can tell you, your white or black russians will never taste the same after having them made with this coffee!
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