Headache Hammock Review and #Giveaway

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        I tend to suffer frequently from headaches.  These can range from migraines to just dull pain, however when I have a migraine I am out of commission for a good couple hours if not the entire day.  This just isn't a feasible being a single mother of two young children.  When I saw an advertisement for the the Headache Hammock I was hoping for a chance to work with them on a review of their product.  Thankfully they agreed.

        I received the Headache Hammock just in time for the drastic change in weather here in Michigan which brings on the dreaded headaches for me.  I was very thankful that this year I had the Headache Hammock to try out.  Much to my surprise with such a simple design, this did seem to alleviate the pain slightly without taking any medication.

        After taking migraine medication and laying on the Headache Hammock for an hour and a half my headache was down to a dull pain if anything. I like the way this supported my neck and head.  It is a little uncomfortable to be slept on, but when one is suffering from a migraine, very little sleep is happening to begin with.  This did help with my headache and think that it is good to use with medication for those nasty migraines or on it's own for just minor headaches.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $49.95 + shipping 
Recommendation: I know that this seems like a lot for a piece of molded plastic but if you really suffer from headaches, this is going to be your saving grace.  I love that this can be cooled or heated to help alleviate the different pain that you have.
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