Mr. Stacky Planter Review and #Giveaway

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Mr. Stacky
        Because each Summer I try my hardest to grow as much edible plants as possible in order to help not only provide for my family with food while saving money but because I know what goes into my plants as well as how safe they are.  Unfortunately for the last 2 years though I have tried growing different types of lettuce with little to no success at gathering something substantial enough to actually consume.

Herb Garden
        I am super pumped because this year I have a new idea for my pain in the but leafy plants!  While shopping around for a new style of planter I discovered Mr. Stacky!  Mr. Stacky is a creative tiered planter system.  There are literally endless possibilities as to how many levels or what you can grow in such a small space.  The three tier planter set is even capable of holding 13 plants in one square foot space.

        Because of the design I'm hoping that this will perfectly hold small bundles of lettuce off the ground where as to avoid pesky bugs that might be able to eat away at it as easily.  Plus I'm helping hoping that the smaller spots will help keep the lettuce moist so it can flourish instead of drying out and burning.
        These are perfect for the apartment/balcony grower or someone with a small yard.  What was even more fun for me was the fact that these are so simple to put together that I was able to let the boys "build" my plant tower!  They loved being able to help out with the gardening.  I love the trickle affect of the watering process too - just water from the top!

        "The Mr. Stacky pots allow you to conveniently grow in a hydroponic, aquaponic, or soil system." Now I think the only problem I am going to have is finding enough plants to fill all the Mr. Stacky's I am going to buy.
3 -Tier Hanging Stacking Planter
Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.99 3 -Tier Hanging Stacking Planter 
Recommendation:  With all the possibilities this planter has and how easy it is AND the space it saves, this is a great price!  If your a gardener you'd be silly not to buy!
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Giveaway:  Mr. Stacky is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers a 3 -Tier Hanging Stacking Planter of their own!  Come back 11/6/2013 to enter for a chance to win!!!
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  1. I love this! It will be great when taking in plants for the year. I have limited space inside, so stacking would help out a lot!


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