Scala Wool Headband Review

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        I am not what one would call on the edge of fashion, but like any other girl I like to try and be as fashionable as possible especially while keeping warm during the winter months.  Being that here in Michigan fall is upon us and winter is quickly approaching, I am starting to plan for my winter wardrobe.  Being given the opportunity to review the newest stylish product from Scala is just the thing to help me achieve this.

        I was sent over the Wool Headband in Grey which has three flowers on the front/top.  It is made from boiled wool.  Normally this would make me very itchy and drive me up the wall but this one is very soft and warm.  I think this is very cute, and should be able to go with just about everything!  I am excited that it is getting cold enough to have to wear it to keep my ears warm.

       Since part of my job is to be outside watching kids, I like to have clothing that is both fashionable and serves a purpose of keeping me warm.  I hate being cold even a little bit and living in Michigan makes it impossible to avoid being that we have such a long winter season.  I can rest assure that my ears will keep warm and I can even wear this all day to enhance an outfit if I choose as well.

        I absolutely love my Scala Wool Headband and the fact I can wear it daily whether I am going to work or going to watch football somewhere.  This is never a miss.  The material is super soft and lightweight, so makes wearing all day long a non-issue.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $30.00 Scala Wool Headband 
Recommendation: I love this Headband and all the colors it comes in. However, although I think the quality and material is worth the $30, I feel that is quite a high price for a headband.  I am a very frugal person and feel spending that type of money is a little excessive on something to keep my ears warm, despite how cute and warm it is, Now if I had the money to afford to buy these things I would think nothing of it.
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