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A lawn mower is a basic yard tool, and one most homeowners have on hand and in working order, since the alternative to a non-functioning or non-existent lawn mower is hiring someone to mow your lawn for you, and that's almost never a cheap endeavor. But many lawn mowers, particularly ride-on models, can do so much more than keep your grass cut to an even length.

If you have a lot of landscaping to accomplish, or simply want to take advantage of your lawn mower by using it to get more done outdoors, then you'll want to consider some of these basic lawn mower attachments:

Lawn Mower Carts
Similar in style to a wagon, a mower cart can be attached to the rear of your ride-on mower, and thus will go wherever you go, bringing along or hauling away grass clippings, soil, mulch, plants, and much more.

Lawn Mower Tillers
Once you've finished cutting the grass, attach a lawn mower tiller, which is usually mechanical in nature, and simply drive your lawn mower along the path of soil that needs tilling. Go at a slow speed to ensure that the mechanics of the tiller fully engage.

Lawn Mower Hitch Plows
At the end of the season when your plants and crops have been grown and harvested, use this handy attachment to bury crop residue and smooth out the soil.

Lawn Mower Snow Removal Attachments
Just because winter is here doesn't mean that you need to retire your mower until spring. Attach a snow removal attachment to the front of your mower, and use it to plow or blow snow off of your sidewalks and driveways.

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  1. I enjoy yard work so much. My husband is always telling me that yard tools can really hurt you. He always tells me be careful.


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