Energy Earth LED Gift Pack Review and #Giveaway

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        As such an eco friendly person I am always trying to keep up on my family about ways to save money like simply turning off lights when not in the room, unplugging appliances when not in use, or taking shorter showers instead of baths.  Regardless of how they do it I love seeing the effort from each one of them.

        Thankfully there are companies available such as EnergyEarth which can help move your family into this greener lifestyle.  Not only can they help save you on your utilities but keep from over using electricity as well.  Energy Earth's mission is to "empower the world to use less energy and natural resources".

        In our household, one of our biggest problems has become lighting inside and out!  Even when we are purchasing energy efficient light bulbs, we are finding that because of the wiring of this house, they just aren't lasting or even so the brightness is yet to be desired.

        The people over at EnergyEarth have decided to partner up with A Lucky Ladybug again to bring you a wonderful gift package for the every day home!  The gift package includes (2)Feit LED 7.5 Watt (40W) Dimmable A19 Warm White (3000K), (2)Sylvania Silver DOT-it™, and the SLI Mini Handy Flashlight.

        First off the Feit LED 7.5 Watt (40W) Dimmable A19 Warm White (3000K) is obviously a light bulb like no other!  It is crazy heavy for a light bulb of its size!  This is a bulb with EnergyEarth’s 4ever Limited Lifetime Warranty. This is supposed to be a warm white color which puts out 450 lumens.  Kevin was in awe by how bright this bulb was!  We swear they could see it from the main road (which we are not right by).

        "Sylvania Silver DOT-it™ lights are the first portable LED lights that you can stick and re-stick practically anywhere without marring. Small enough to fit in your pocket, they can stick to a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, plastic, glass and fiberglass."

        The boys love these!  They have been carrying them around as well as to bed with them.  Kevin and I have been pleasantly happy with them as our home is wired completely bassackwards when it comes to light switches.  We now have this sticking on the wall in our laundry room/entry way from the garage so we don't have to walk through the entire hallway in order to turn the light on.

        The SLI Mini Handy Flashlight is amazingly bright and even water resistant!  We have this placed in our living room for any emergency situations.  We have even had to use it in our garage already during a power outage.  The boys have even taken pleasure in torturing the dogs with it.
Cost/Available to Purchase:  Gift package includes:
Feit LED Bulb -  $9.95
 Sylvania Dot LED - $8.95
 SLI Mini Flashlight - $11.55
Recommendation:  I think the pricing is right in line with something which is going to save you so much in the long run!  There is a huge variety to be found with this company which can help anyone save all around!
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Giveaway:  EnergyEarth is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's very lucky readers the Holiday Gift Lighting Package of their own!  Enter Giveaway HERE
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  1. I would absolutely love the DOT-It lights for my 4 year old. They would make great night lights and the stick - re-stick option would make them more fun for him.

  2. It is best light for me. Thanks for your review.


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