Ever-Pretty Cocktail Dress + Clutch Evening Bag Review and #Giveaway

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        There are a few things that I look at as an adult and realize how much I have changed as I've matured and different things are for the generations below me.  Growing up I was a total tomboy but when it came to the high school dances, I was anything but.  I attended over 20 dances in the four years I was there since my high school sweetheart attended another school in the district.

        Dress shopping season was always a BIG deal and I had to have the most unique dress ever.  Now as an adult, I still feel the same (if I ever get the chance to dress up).  However, I have such an awkward figure since I am so busty on top.  I tend to have quite an odd taste that is across the board in styles.  

        There are only a few times a year where I get to dress up (one of those being the holidays) and I really want to get the biggest bang for my buck in more ways that one!  I want to look fabulous and of course not spend hundreds of dollars doing so as I just don't have the money and realistically the reason.

        When I discovered Ever Pretty, I was immediately drawn to the unique styles and huge variety!  One could say it was almost overwhelming as the selection was much larger than one I've seen online before AND with dresses which I haven't seen before either!  They even have a great selection of accessories to add to your dress for the evening!

        Ever Pretty "offers the personalized service of customizing dress lines for clients to create a unique shopping experience" and they "own and control all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to design to quality control to sales, allowing us to ensure that all products are of highest quality."

        After many hours searching and deciding on the best dress to fit my personality and (ahem) shape, I picked out the New Women's Strapless Flower Ruffled Hem Cocktail Dress which I found to be just gorgeous.  I was hoping that this style dress would actually support my big ole tata's as well help look slimming!  

        I was also sent over the Knuckle Rings Skull Heads Hand Black Party Clutch Evening Bag which truly just fits my style (especially if you know me!)  This is one of those clutches I figure I can use dressed up or not since it has such a unique and versatile style!
        Once my dress arrived, I very quickly noticed the fabric quality and how silky smooth it was.  The material felt super soft and comfortable to wear any where or any length of time.  I felt like it fit pretty true to size as well.  This is an obviously high quality made dress too so it appears as though it will last through several wears if I so choose.

        However the dress didn't quite fit me as I expected since it was a size smaller than I normally wear.  This was to no fault though of Ever Pretty as I chose this purposely to give me something to work towards for the holidays.  This way hopefully I can keep myself in check and will be able to fit into it by New Year's Eve!

        I actually decided to let Alana take the pictures in the dress so you could still see how beautiful it looked on as well as how it can accent several different body types.  Alana is far from curvy and this looked great on her emphasizing her smaller curves :) ! The clutch has tons of room and I have already used it for a few date nights with the hubby since I love showing it off!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $64.99 New Women's Strapless Flower Ruffled Hem Cocktail Dress 
Recommendation:  This is definitely a stylish company whether your needs are for a wedding, prom, sophisticated outing for work, or a magical New Years Eve party!  There is something available for you here AND at a great price.  The quality and unique styles makes this an even better deal!
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Giveaway:  Ever Pretty is going to give TWO of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers something to have of their own! One reader will get the New Women's Strapless Flower Ruffled Hem Cocktail Dress and another reader will get the Knuckle Rings Skull Heads Hand Black Party Clutch Evening Bag!  Enter the giveaway Here

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  1. This is a awesome dress and bag. It's so simply and cute.


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