Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too Book Review

        So this is one of those reviews where I may stray off subject a bit so just a heads up before you start reading!  I have always always always been one of those proactive people against 'bullying' or the nasty kids in school who think they are better than everyone.  I have made it appoint to be nice to as many people (popular or unpopular) throughout my educational career as well.  Now that's not to say I've never been mean or gotten into a fight but my parents always taught me the good ole saying, "you don't start it but you better finish it!"

        They also taught the three of us sisters that no matter where you are in life or what your relationship is like (good or bad) you stand up for family above all.  In saying all of this I have already begun these same lessons with my children and especially the two boys.  Since both of them have been in the 90th + percentile for size since birth (meaning they are large for their age), I have always been overly worried they could potentially be perceived in some way as a bully.

        This is NOT and NEVER will be acceptable.  I have been through quite a few suicides of friends, as well as one multiple murder of family members and even more extreme situations because of these kinds of today's issues with teens.  I think that everything begins and ends with the parents.  There are tons of ways that you can start teaching your children young how to treat others and how to be happy and confident with themselves.

        I was recently given the opportunity to review the children's book Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too.  I appreciate the fact that this book teaches my children the importance of not only self respect but respect for others and their differences.  The boys really enjoyed sitting and reading it over and over again at night before bed.

        Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too synopsis says "In Fuzzwippers Have Feelings Too, Festus makes fun of his fellow fuzzwipper’s bright blue color and teases Fuzzardan that he will never find a child to love him. Fuzzardan considers changing his color, but thinks about the fact that blue is the color of his family and what makes him truly unique. He decides to stay blue and on the following day he meets and makes friends with Stephen. Later on that day, Fuzzardan discovers the truth; that Festus was really worried that no one would like his fuzz compared to Fuzzardan’s beautiful fluffy blue. Fuzzardan helps Festus clean up his fuzz and together they learn to appreciate and celebrate their differences."

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $4.99 Goodman Media 
Recommendation:  Definitely worth the couple bucks for this childrens books.  It had great lessons for the kiddos and honestly kept them interested over and over.

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  1. Great review. I worry all the time about my lil guys, both are very laid back and thinks everyone is their friend. We've had some issues with them being bullied and it's really tough to find ways to handle it. It's getting better as they get a little older, but it's still not easy.

  2. I really appreciate your review, kids can be so mean and some children cant deal.I have known families that have loss a child for this.

  3. I think every parent needs to read your review. We are all so under educated on bullying.


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