GameDay Score Board Review and #Giveaway

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        So even though I started out without a clue what to do with boys, it's actually turned out to be a real blessing (other than the obvious blessing children are).  Because I was a tomboy growing up I feel like I have so much more in common with them than I do my teenage daughter.

        Boys are crazy active with more energy than I ever imagined.   They love sports of all kinds and I honestly haven't found one they don't enjoy.  Being that Kevin is so tall he was of course very active in basketball and now so are the boys.  We were lucky enough to inherit my parents movable basketball net that they had for us as kids and even though the boys are still small, they are still out there trying to play quite frequently during the summer.

        I was recently asked to review the Gameday Scoreboard which I of course agreed to right away knowing this would be useful during our Summer days!  This awesome tool/gadget/toy has multiple functions including scoring, game timing, special game play, lighting for evening play, and referee calls!

        You can play 6,12, and 18 minute games or just free play keeping score.  Have a free throw contest with your friends or play an intense game of PIG or HORSE plus several other games!  You can even hear the crowd cheer you on as you make your amazing 3 pointer shots!

        Now even though the boys aren't quite old enough to understand scoring of most games they do enjoy using this to play HORSE with Daddy.  I can't wait until they get a little older and they can show this off to all the guys when they come over to play!

Cost/Available to purchase:  $29.99 GameDay Basketball Scoreboard for Kids Portable Driveway Basketball Poles <--amazon p="">*If you click the buy now at the top, I am not a fan of how this takes you automatically to paypal as I know there are lots of people out there which do not use paypal.
Coupon:  Click through this link to receive a special holiday offer of only $24.99 for the Scoreboard! 
Recommendation:  The boys loved this product and Kevin has been complaining he wishes we had something sooner.  I think the price is beyond reasonable for something with this many features!
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