Kickboard USA Mini Micro Scooter Review

      When I was a child we spent every hour of light we had outdoors, usually riding bikes.  I am always looking for ways to get my kids out and staying active.  I had no idea how popular scooters had become though since then.  Dane had a blast his first time at a birthday party playing on a friends scooter.  Of course we bought him one for Christmas last year.

        Little did I know I should have gotten two so Declan could have his own.  The only problem is he isn't quite ready for a big boy scooter or even big boy bikes.  I was super pumped when I first heard about Kickboard USA and the products they make for all ages!  I was even more psyched to find out they were a local company here in Michigan.

        So many times you find the old school versions of a bike, tricycle, or scooter.  Sure they have modern designs but they are the same old concept.  Not Kickboard!  They realize that everyone is different.  Children need to build a certain level of self confidence in order to properly use these everyday toys and adults want something they can do speed along with or do tricks on.  So why would the scooters be made the same?
What I really love is that I feel like this is a company that knows me and my needs.  I have a little one who wants to do everything his big brother does.  Regardless of if he can or can't, he's going to do it!  I was sent over the Mini Micro Scooter in green which "features 3 wheels, gentle axle steering and a low-to-the-ground deck, all of which make the Mini exceptionally stable for young children."

        Declan can learn to steer correctly by leaning the direction he wants to go instead of having to coordinate pushing and turning a handle bar.  I wish I could truly show the expression on his face when he first tried it as I missed it in photograph.  He can now follow around Dane whether its outside or through the house without me quite as worried about his safety!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $79.99 Mini Micro 
Recommendation: These are amazing toys!  I love the ideas that they have come up with and as I said in the review I feel like they made this specifically for my family.  They are a little expensive for a 3 year old but honestly worth the purchase when you look at safety and how it works with them and not against their size.
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  1. It looks like a great thing for the little ones. Mt four year old granddaughter would love it, thanks foe the review!


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