Social Media, Role Models, and Bullying - Confident Girls Needed

        I truly believe every aspect of self image, confidence and bullying start and finish with parenting.  When I say this, I don't necessarily mean parents themselves as not every one in the world is fortunate enough to have this type of influence.  What I mean is how we are raised.  Whether its the parents or step parents, the babysitter or adult family members, or even the media, a child learns from the surrounding role models as they grow.

        Behavior is learned, confidence is something you build, and the actions of today's youth are a direct reflection of those that they see.  So it was pretty interesting for me and my teenage daughter, Alana, to receive and read the below infographic.

        One of the things I promised Alana growing up, is that I would never lie to her or sugar coat anything.  I have also made it very clear (as well as Kevin) that we would not make decisions for her once she reached her teen years.  We educate her with the things she needs to make the decisions herself.  As a step parent, it hasn't been easy to change the things she experienced at a young age from her real mother, however, I have worked very hard myself to set the example in myself as to what a young STRONG woman should act like.

        Reading this infographic we both agree in majority of the statistics although I think something like this would be more interesting to see the poll directed at the girls under 18 instead of what the grown adults think of the kids.  We were both terribly disappointed to see even the slightest of mention let alone the point that 4% of young adults picked Miley Cyrus as a role model.  I don't even think I need to explain as to why we were saddened by this.

        Because any form of social media is a form of selling yourself (to friends, family, companies, or fellow bloggers) people tend to forget sometimes too much is TOO much.  Bullying seems to be spreading into the cyber world very quickly and even with GROWN and seasoned adults.  This is the exact reason we are seeing such a drastic increase in our children.  The only way to change this is to "Be the Change YOU Wish to See in the World"!  Be the adult you wish to see your child or the children around you to be tomorrow.
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  1. This is so true! Very nice post. Scary that girls look to Miley Cyrus!


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