HIClips Review and #Giveaway

        Because I have naturally curly hair and a lot of it, I've never been concerned with volume.  In fact its always been the least of my concerns but remember I'm not the girlie girl who follows the norm when it comes to hair styles and other trends.  My daughter, however, is your typical teenager!  And although she also has naturally curly hair with tons of volume as well, she is always looking to create more especially if it means creating the 'poof' trend which is popular right now.

HiClips Front
        I was actually very curious when the Gawden brand asked me to review one of their products called HIClips.  "Transform flat, lifeless hair to wildly full!"  HIClips are exactly what they sound like...plastic clips which are designed to give your hair the lift desired without ratting or styling products like gels or mousse.  You can even use these without blow drying by letting your hair naturally air dry while the clips are in place.

        Alana was pretty psyched to give these a try once they arrived!  Directions tell you to place clips around the crown of your head, bangs, or above the back of the neckline.  Her biggest complaint is that because these clips have three parts (two sections for hair) they were slightly difficult to get the hang of putting them in properly.  Once she was finally able to do so she felt her hair was definitely more volumized than even before!

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $14.95 
Recommendation:  I have to say originally I would have never thought to purchase something like this.  However, I have to say these have turned out to be a fairly cheap styling tool and especially for those with thin or flat hair!  I would definitely give these a try!
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Giveaway:  HIClips is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a set of HIClips to have of their own!
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