'Ignite" by Lori Verni Book Review

        So my love for reading has taken me on many adventures and most recently taken me in the direction of books that are a little more on the racy side of things.  The most recent book I have had the privilege of reading was the book "Ignite" by Lori Verni.  This book is excellent for the woman looking for something to read quickly, maybe while the kids are napping, or you find yourself with actually 10-15 minutes to yourself.

        This is a collection of short stories of steamy escapades of women.  Think of the sensual portions of books like 50 Shades of Grey or the Romance involved in the Crossfire series.  These short stories give you enough of the love story and the down and dirty business.  Yet they don't suck you in so you ignore your family, friends for days on end trying to read more and more about the characters.

        One of my favorite stories was one involving a single mother of a teen and a handyman coming to fix on of her appliances.  This was one of the stories filled with more anticipation than the others.  I was really drawn to this story and was kind of sad that the story ended.  I was curious to know more about these two characters and what could possibly come of their tryst.

        As I mentioned, this book is great for someone who only has a few moments to themselves, since they are just short stories which one can read in a matter of a few minutes.  The characters are different story to story, as is the point of view in which the story is written, which give variety to the reading.  I love that I can put this down after finishing one of the stories and not feel compelled to read the entire book in one setting if I choose not to, however this was a book I had a hard time putting down.  Each story gave a new experience and a new fantasy for the female reader to enjoy.

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Recommendation:  I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a romance book, but not a novel with several sequels that you want to read all at one.  The writing is really developed for being a collection of short stories.  I enjoyed some stories better over others but that's what is nice about this book, you are bound to find at least one story you will enjoy.

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