KushyFoot Fall Collection Review and #Giveaway

        Now because I work from home I very rarely consider myself a person who needs to buy socks and shoes specifically for comfort.  I am also an avid wearer of flip flops however when it comes time to dress up or when it starts to get cold I want to have something to compensate for the lack of shoes I normally wear.  I have been fortunate enough to work frequently with a brand that is like no other I've found in this area - Kushy Foot.

Fleece Trouser Socks
        KushyFoot was started in 2003 by the parent company Doris International Inc, they wanted to bring women the comfort and Reflexology to massage your foot with every step you take.  This company wanted to give women stylish and comfort in their socks or foot coverings.  They offer several different varieties of styles, and for different types of shoes and needs you are bound to find the right sock for you.
        I was sent over several pieces of the new fall line including their new Shaper Tight, Fleece Lined Tight, Fleece Trouser Socks, and the Microfiber Crew Socks.  The first thing you notice about all of these pieces is how exceptionally soft they are for socks and tights.  All have this (as literal as it sounds) kushy feel to them as if you know instantly how great they will feel to wear for hours on end!
        I decided to wear the tights through all the recent holiday dress up and I felt as if I was wearing my comfy pajamas all day long while cooking for hours then stuffing myself.  Amy has been wearing the trouser socks to work all day long and when her feet are normally tired and aching by the end of the day she said her feet still felt like they could keep going for many more hours.
        I think these are all so adorable and also comfortable. I love that I can wear them around the house or for hours on end standing on my feet outside of the home without concern my feet would pay for it in the evening.  As you can see from my below picture...Declan loves wearing these around himself since they are so soft.  We actually had to fight him to give them up to us since they are clearly not made for children of his size AND the way he was choosing to use them!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $50 - 8 piece collection  (not sold as a package though you can find most items for $3.99+)
Recommendation:  I just can't rave enough about these socks.  I know that 's weird right?  But they are uber creative socks, comfortable to wear and very well priced for the quality.
Facebook: Kushyfoot
Twitter: @Kushyfoot

Giveaway: Kushy Foot is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers the same package of their Fall Collection I received to have of their own!
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