Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD Review

        Mickey Mouse has been a classic in households for decades and some of which don't even have children in them!  Some people are just huge Disney fans and others are obsessed with decor throughout to represent the icon!  We have always been fans of the parks and of course watching the programs but once we had children, we were forced to be hooked for at least another decade ourselves as the boys love to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

        On December 3rd, 2013, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure becomes available on DVD.  This full length feature includes three bonus episodes.  Declan has quickly become obsessed since the last Mickey DVD we brought home and its quite common for him to request we watch it On Demand if it isn't on.

        The Synopsis says "Zoom! Wow! It’s Super Mickey, Wonder Minnie, Super-Power Pup, Super Goof, Dynamo Duck and Upsy-Daisy to the rescue! In an exciting adventure straight out of a comic book, Power-Pants Pete swoops down and starts shrinking everything insight down to teeny-tiny size! To save the day, Professor Von Drake transforms the Clubhouse Gang into super heroes with incredible powers.

But Pete’s merely a sidekick; a wily villain named Megamort is the true mastermind behind theshrinky-dinky caper. Can our heroes outsmart the bad guys? Only by working together, with help from YOU… and the right Mouseketools! Packed with action, surprises and nearly two hours of fun – including three additional episodes – this Super Adventure celebrates the unstoppable power of teamwork and friendship."

        The boys both like this one quite a bit especially because they are huge super hero fans.  What was great about this DVD was the fact that even though Mickey seems to be something Dane is getting to old for, he enjoyed watching it and all its action with his little brother!

Recommendation:  I don't care if you have girls or boys - Mickey has something for everyone!  We enjoyed this DVD as we enjoy watching the clubhouse daily.

Release Date: December 3, 2013 (Direct Pre-book: 10/8; Distributor Pre-book: 10/22)
Packaging: 1-Disc DVD with free exclusive, collectible Mickey and Friends trading cards with one lenticular card
Full-Length Feature:  Super Adventure
Bonus Episodes: Aye, Aye, Captain Mickey!
Mickey’s Mousekersize!
Mickey’s Little Parade

Ratings:  TV-Y (US)
Feature Run Time:  TBC
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Languages:  English
Subtitles:  English, Spanish

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