Racor Storage Solution the Garage Guru's (IMO) Review and Giveaway

        We unfortunately, like many, were forced to move about two and a half years ago because of our financial situation.  Of course we moved from our very large, new home into a much smaller, older home.  We went from from lots of square footage, two floors, a basement, and a three car garage to one level, smaller size, no basement, and a two car garage.

        Since the move, we have decided to use our garage as a game room/storage center.  It is honestly kind of ridiculous when you look at my garage.  We almost monthly have to reorganize and go through boxes so we are able to still allow the kids to play pool or just to get to things.  So when I discovered Racor Home Storage Solutions, needless to say I was pumped to get my hands on any of their products!

Racor has truly been the only reason we were able to make this work for as long as we did in this home!  I can tell you I will never buy another garage organization tool/product from another company again if it is something Racor offers - honestly!

        "Racor has the largest variety of storage solutions to organize and store bikes, sports equipment, tools, lawn and garden supplies, bulky items like ladders and totes, and much more. The Racor branded collection of products is made with uncompromising attention to fit and finish and is designed for those who will have nothing less than the best in their garage."

        Thankfully this amazing company has agreed to work with me on several reviews over the last year and a half.  This review is going to be a bit different than the rest as I am going to share snippets from the product reviews I've previously done in the past.  This time around I am just offering you these amazing products (some of which I already have).

Freestanding Bike Rack
        We want to be able to store them neatly while not in use but still easily accessable especially for the teenagers!  This awesome rack can perfectly hold all four of our bikes.  "With independent adjustable arms, rugged tubular steel and a durable epoxy finish, the Freestanding Bike Rack can hold up to 160lbs of men’s and women’s road and mountain bikes in a level position, keeping them secure and safe from harm’s way."

Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift 
        "Made of steel construction, the Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift has a unique pulley system that lets you easily load and lift up to 250 pounds of storage items to the ceiling and lock securely in place."  Whats awesome about this is you don't have to worry about lifting any of those heavy items into the garage ceiling rafters and potentially hurting yourself.  Believe me we have done this and either hurt ourselves or damaged the items we were trying to store!

        Since we are such a huge Halloween family and we have over a dozen boxes of decorations, costumes, and animatronics, we decided this would be a perfect place to store these items.  This way they are safe from weather conditions, children and potential damage.  Everything can easily be organized into one spot for easy access at anytime since the storage lift lowers 8 feet from the ceiling.  This can be done by using a hand crank or attaching your power drill.

Garden Tool Rack 
        The Garden Tool Rack "can hold up to 10 long-handled garden tools neatly off the floor and also features a storage basket that is removable for carrying hand tools and other small items out to the garden."  I generally don't have a ton of long handled shovels so the basket is great for my smaller tools to be piled into.  I love that I can carry it to and from different places instead of carrying loose tools and potentially misplacing them.

        There is also a built-in shelf for storing my husbands dirty tennis shoes he uses to cut the grass!  Whats great is this this rack can hold up to 35lbs of supplies.  This even works great for my small garden ladder arches and wind chime hooks.

SecureHold Tool Holders 
        SecureHold Tool Holders each mount to the wall and stores long handled tools of all different weights. "The spring opening and deep v-groove helps keep tools from accidentally falling." Now even though we don't keep our cars in the garage, there are always kids hanging out in the garage playing pool.  I would hate to have something accidentally fall off on one of these children which is why I love the 'V' design.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $Varies
Recommendation:  I don't know that I could say a single bad thing about this company or product!  This is a quality made product sure to last a lifetime and more.  I would recommend anyone trying to organize a bit more to look into Racor's garage products!  All are very reasonably priced for this type of quality and solution in my opinion!
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Giveaway:  Racor is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Racor Bike Lift, Racor Ladder Lift, Racor GaragePro™ Universal Rail Storage System, AND Racor Golf Storage Hanger all to have of their own!  Giveaway starts tonight at 9PM
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  1. I find storage solutions to be intriguing. We can fix space issues with a bit of thought.

  2. Love these products for garage organization. I would take a picture of mine but I am a bit embarrassed to show my garage lol

  3. My husband works on cars and has lots of tools and other items in our garage. Storage is always nice to get it off the floor and to help him organize.

  4. I like that the tool rack features a removable basket. What a great and useful idea. You are often carrying lots of tools, and this would be a big help.

  5. It's hard to downsize, but it sounds like Racor offers lots of products to work for you. I like that they fit securely and store lots of things.

  6. I love how the bike rack is still easily accessible. You want to be able to ride whenever you want to.

  7. I think everyone can use some more space. I love all the different storage products and ideas they have.

  8. I didn't realize that they had the largest selection of storage solutions. Great to have so many options.

  9. We have a home without much storage space. It's great that companies are coming up with products to help out. We all could use more storage space and convenient organization.

  10. I like how heavy duty all the products are. That ceiling lift would hold a lot securely.

  11. It's so nice when everything is organized and in its own spot. These products would be really useful in helping you find everything.

  12. Amazing that the bike rack will hold four bikes. Perfect for lots of families.

  13. My son and daughter-in-law are both into biking and triathlons. My son just got a bike, and these storage ideas would be a real help. You want your things to be protected, out of the way, but safe for when you want them. Their solutions offer you that.

  14. Most of us could use help with organization and needing more space. It's great that they offer products to get things up out of the way.

  15. Our garage is a disaster area. We could use everything! I would give the Racor Bike Lift, the Racor Ladder Lift, and the Racor Garage Pro- Universal Storage System to my husband because right now we have bikes, and ladders, and tools all over the garage. If we had these storage products maybe we could finally park in the garage!

  16. I like the idea of getting your stuff off the floor and up, out of the way. This is a nice way to not just get it out of your way but to keep your belongings safe.


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