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Taylor Joelle Designs
        Ok so I have worked with a wonderful company in the past which I was recently asked to work together again with in completing a new holiday review since they are releasing a whole new clothing line for children.  Taylor Joelle is a small business that operates out of Utah of the United States.   The clothes are very fashionable and cute.

Glasses Leggings (unisex)
        Founded in 2007 by Jenny, who continues to be the top designer and is involved in every business decision.  As they state on their blog site about us section they have Fresh.. Fun.. Fashion.  They make a variety of clothing from daddy and son matching ties to crochet hats.   They also offer a weekly hot buy on their site and exclusive discounts to their facebook fans for all non-hot buy items.

        Amy actually completed the last review of one of their lace girls shirts.  This time around we decided to have something sent for my nephew since the Cohen collection is designed for babies and toddlers with a tribal feel and more geared for boys.  We were sent over the Glasses Leggings.

        When these first arrived, the first thing we noticed was how soft the material was - definitely something you want to have on that soft baby skin!  "Made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane give these leggings a good stretchy feel."  I have to be honest though as we were not a fan of this type of style for boys.  Yes, it really doesn't matter what you put babies in but these just seemed a bit too feminine for our taste.  I do know that with how well these seem to be made, he will be able to wear this for quite some time.

Cost/Available to purchase:  $30 Glasses Leggings 
Recommendation: This time around, I have to say I would not pay $30 for these pants or really even ones similar.  That is just too costly for something for a child who might grow out of it quickly AND for a basic pair of pants which I could possibly make myself.  I do, however recommend checking the website out as they have such a huge variety of adorably styled clothing!
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