The Mood Sign Review and #Giveaway *Adult Content*

*Adult Content*
        Now it is no secret that we as a blog are very open about sex and experiences and are more on the very open side of that aspect of things.  When given the opportunity to review The Mood Sign, a fun and flirty way to let your partner know that you are in the mood for love, I was excited to give it a whirl.  Unfortunately, being that I am recently single and not about to jump in bed with just anyone, this is going to have to wait until a very special someone comes along to be used in it's intended manner.

        The Mood Sign is a little stand that has two arms in which can be assigned a color light. These colors help to indicate what kind of mood you are in taking the guessing out for your partner.  When you are "in the mood" you click the arm and it raises up and lights up so your partner can see that you are in the mood instead of it having to be said in the same old school ways.  When your partner is in the mood they put their arm of the light up in the air and when you both are in the mood, you know.  No guess work or hinting involved.
        This is a cute way for you to spice up your sex life with your partner.  You can assign the colors to be different kinds of "mood" that you are in, (ie. Cuddles, down and dirty, erotic, etc).  There are six color options that you can change the arms to be and each arm has a separate button to designate color.  Its a modern way of flirting and creating a playful relationship in the bedroom.

        The Mood Sign has also created a Card Game for even more play in the bedroom!  There are cards which give you scenario and play ideas as well as Quid Pro Quo cards so everything is a fair trade while playing.  If your not a fan of the preset selection, you also have the option to choose your own with the blank cards included.  If I were in a relationship I would love to be using this mood light and game every day, keeping my partner on their toes and honestly can't wait to start using this.

Available for Purchase/Cost:  $39.99 The Mood Sign and Card Game Package
Recommendation: I think this is a cute idea for those couples who rarely see one another during the day so their is no guess work in the bedroom and feelings don't get hurt or people have expectations that aren't met.  However, in the long run you should be able to tell if your partner is in the mood or not so you shouldn't rely on the light.
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Giveaway:  The Mood Sign is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Mood Sign and Card Game Package of their own!
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  1. Interesting concept. This could be really entertaining if used in a fun, playful way.

  2. I've never seen one before really didn't know they made them fun shower gift for a new bride too

  3. Can you imagine the board room discussions over what to put on the cards for the game....

  4. Too bad it runs through batteries so quickly. It would be costly to use very often. I guess it's just a novelty item for once or twice.

  5. I can see where this would be a novelty...haha gift, but I don't know if anyone would really use it.

  6. Hi Sherry and Laurie,
    2 quicks things:
    (1) The Moodsign can stay lit up at minimum 2.5 days with one arm lit up at full intensity, more than 10 days at low intensity. If a unit was to be defective, you could send it back to us for a replacement as per our warranty policy
    (2) We had a group of women at a bachelorette party who had a blast creating a "custom" Moodsign sex for the couple to be married. They were highly intoxicated and highly open minded but reported having a lot of fun. It all stayed in Vegas. Only the couple will ever know what her friends suggested for their honeymoon and beyond :-)
    Chris & the Moodsign team

  7. Thanks for the explanation. Wouldn't a video of that bachelorette part be funny. :)

    It's an interesting idea...making it for someone else.

  8. Seems like an idea for newer relationships or relationships that want to try something new and spice up the fun. I agree that in the long run you should know your partner.

  9. You do have to wonder about the conversation when you explain it to your partner. Honey, when you're in the mood, you raise this arm....

  10. What an interesting conversation that would be...Honey, green means cuddling....

  11. It is nice that the cards offer both suggestion cards and blank ones for you to fill out.

  12. I can't get over this idea. Can you imagine walking down a store aisle and seeing it. :)

  13. I think this would be fun for bachelorette parties. I can see a group of girls really having a good time discussing it and writing out suggestions.

  14. Their FB page has an award where they won for this being a "non-sex" sex toy. That is a good and interesting way to describe it.


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