ThinkFun Brain Fitness Games Review and #Giveaway

         As you know we are a game playing family, we love the nights we can find to actually play just the five of us.  It makes me a bit sad to say those nights are far and few with our busy lifestyle.  We have such a large age gap between our children that it is hard to find a game which all three kids enjoy playing as as finding a day of the week which one of the two older ones don't have something different going on.

        We tend to find a lot of one or two player games now so every one can play these things on their own time.  I was really pumped to hear about the new ThinkFun Brain Fitness line of games.  Each are single player and designed to keep your brain active and sharp.  We were sent over Chocolate Fix, Rush Hour, and Solitaire Chess.

        Right away we opened the Rush Hour game and thought it was great!  It says this is designed for 8 and over but I have to disagree.  The kids play a similar penguin game app on our phones where they need to move ice blocks to get the penguin out and so they found some of the challenges easy for their ages (5 and 3).  There are 80 challenges so you won't find yourself memorizing any solution too easily.

        The next one we decided to give a try was the Solitaire Chess.  We were a bit hesitant as neither Kevin or myself have ever played chess and we were really confused as to how we would be able to play let alone solo.  However, this one is more about learning how to make certain moves and actually almost helps you to learn a bit about how to play chess.

        Chocolate Fix is a Sudoku style logic game where you need figure a way to make the challenge pattern work.  Although Kevin quickly got the hang of this one, I despised it!  I even enjoy Sudoku but couldn't catch onto this one for the life of me!

        Rush Hour was by far our favorite one to play!  I love that each of their games is listed including the specific learning skills a child can gain from playing them.  You can also search based on those skills, types of games, or by age.  There is a large variety of games for each skill level and each child's specific interests!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $29.99 Brain Fitness Bundle 
Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess
Brain Fitness Rush Hour
Brain Fitness Chocolate Fix
Recommendation:  I think this package is great especially for the busy family or single person looking to keep their brain fit and sharp.  The prices are reasonable and kids can have fun while learning at the same time with these types.
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Giveaway:  Think Fun is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers their choice of one of the Brain Fitness Games of their own!
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  1. I think 3 I would like are Lazer Maze, because I know my son would find it cool. Pathwords, because I like words games. And Trango, just because it looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. If I were to win, I think I would like to try the rush hour game.

  3. I really like the giveaways on your blog, and I like how you post the low entry ones as well. I don't know of any changes right now. Thanks for the great site, and great giveaway!

  4. I would choose Rush Hour brain fitness.

  5. I would choose Rush Hour brain fitness.

  6. I would like to try rush hour.
    Brittney House

  7. Chocolate fix sounds really cool and it has 5 stars so I like that.

  8. I think I'd choose Rush Hour because it's your favorite!

  9. It is a hard chose out of those-our family loves games like this. You know the ones that are more complicated than Monopoly, Sorry, or Candy Land! I think that Chocolate Fix would be the one I would choose. Sudoku like games really make them think!

  10. I'd like to try solitaire chess, because I'd love to learn how to play chess.

  11. I would like Rush Hour. Thank you


  12. I would choose Chocolate Fix because it looks very fun!

  13. I love your giveaways! I would like to able to see my comments after I post them or maybe you could add a Disqus/Google+/Facebook type of commenting system.


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