Trigger Happy's Toon Hero Version 1.3

Toon Hero
        As you can read in my last review of the Toon Hero app for Apple I am a big cartoon freak.  I've always wondered what it would be like to design my own cartoons, apps, or online games.  I love to write and have always been interested in English and Teaching!  I like to be creative but I don't have the technology background to program a cartoon and this app helps with that.

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        "Frederator Studios will be offering characters from its hugely popular web series, Bravest Warriors. Brands such as The Jim Henson Company, Mukpuddy, and Hero: 108 are already available in the Toon Hero lineup. The app also has backgrounds available from National Geographic."  With this Toon Hero app (available on iTunes for Apple products only) for free, you are able to voice over cartoons to create your own story.  You can choose your own characters and even famous ones that are on Cartoon Hangover, such as CatBug from Bravest Warrior.

        Toon Hero was updated to its 1.3 version on November 17th and is still a free download iPad app.  With this update users are able "to create animated stories using world famous characters without any training or artistic ability."  There are more characters and toys this time around.  You can now share your animated creations on more than just Facebook like uploading directly to YouTube and Tumblr.

Available to Purchase/Cost:  App is free on iTunes 
Recommendation: I think this is a good app if you are wanting to make a cartoon but don't have the know how to actually create it from scratch.  Doing voice overs could be a really fun thing for both children and adults.  I know that me and my friends could have a lot of fun with this app on any given night.
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