Ellore Femme Hair Coloring Chalk Kit Review

Ellore Femme
        Since late in my high school years I have been very big on expressing yourself through things like hair color, piercing, and tattoos.  Even though I dye my hair at least every other month, I actually don't travel to the salon often because of the costs involved.  I usually cut and dye my own hair as well as everyone in my family to save money.

        I can also tell you that even though I have never been considered goth or freakishly alternative with my style, I still consider myself to be a free spirit when it comes to these beauty trends.  I love to try new colors and styles and even though mine hasn't changed very much since I was young...I've still gone through tons of phases like most people do!  That being said, I was pretty excited when Ellore Femme asked me to review their Hair Coloring Chalk kit.

        This awesome kit includes 24 different colored chalk pieces all which are different shades ranging from powdered, baby colors to vibrant, bold ones.  The great thing about chalk is the fact that you don't have to commit to something (which has always been my deal).  I love that I can do something different depending on what I am wearing and doing each day!

        Now when it comes to applying these, the direction say to apply to wet hair which I found definitely works best as it doesn't really work on dry hair.  My biggest problem with this is the fact that my hands where then covered and stained with the colors afterwards.  These are made from natural plant pigments so beware of wearing light clothing while applying as it will more than likely stain.

        Then, you are directed to straighten, curl, dry as normal.  This part sucks in my opinion!  My hair felt disgusting after applying the chalk and was impossible to brush through.  It was also pretty flat and dull once dried and done (or to the best of my ability).  I think that these are perfect for possibly an updo or something a little funkier than just wearing your hair down like normal unless you are used to having loads of products in your hair.  I on the other hand am not!

Cost/Available to Purchase: $44.99 Hair Chalk
Coupon: Save $30 Off Ellore Femme 24 piece Hair Chalk set with promo code BL15 
Recommendation:  I think this is a great tool for the outgoing and trendy people.  I don't know that I would say it is a must have as I could still live without the chalk in the future especially at such an expensive price. Worth the purchase though if you are frequently changing your hair and don't want to do the damage that would normally cause.

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  1. dId you try it on Alaina's hair? I'm curious to see if chalks would show up on dark hair. -Gina

    1. You know I didn't actually but will do so this week some time and post pics for you. I think it would show up actually since it covers the hair instead of trying to change it.


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