I’m In Love With A Church Girl DVD Review and #Giveaway

        This next movie I actually wanted to review because it was starring Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins who I was previously a big fan of back in my college days.  I’m In Love With A Church Girl is scheduled to release on DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and digital January 14, 2014 from Cinedigm. I thought this one might be a really cute story that Alana (16) might enjoy.

        The synopsis says "Miles Montego (Atkins) is a retired high-level drug trafficker who has gone legitimate—though he has not yet left his old friends and his old lifestyle behind. When he meets Vanessa (Bailon), a “church girl” in every sense of the word, he is drawn to her spirituality even though she’s nothing like the girls he’s used to dating.  As Miles struggles to stay on the right side of the law, both he and Vanessa find that their faith in God— and each other—is tested to its limits."

        For a movie that is claimed to be “Family Approved” or only rated PG, right after viewing it, Alana said it was NOT a very appropriate movie.  Alana has been exposed to quite a bit and is not by any means sheltered.  So for her to say that there were just way too many drug references that she thought it was barely appropriate for someone her age let alone younger, tells me this movie is misrated and disappointing.

Suggested Retail Price:  $29.95 Blu Ray
Recommendation:  We were very disappointed with the intensity of the storyline in this film.  I would say being the quality and nature, it might be a much more appropriately rated PG 13 and something more geared towards a young adult crowd possibly.
Street Date: January 14, 2014                    
Pre-Book: December 3, 2013
Catalog Number: RG3142 (DVD) / RG3143 (Blu-ray)
Language: English
Running time: Approx. 118 minutes
Rating: PG

Giveaway:  Cinedigm is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a copy of I’m In Love With A Church Girl DVD of their own!
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