The Loss of a Friend

Many of you might have already read about the sad death of a friend of the writers of this blog....

However, I (Randi) want to take a second to share a few thoughts regarding this wonderful man and life in general.  Amy and I have become closer than ever over the last year through her terrible relationship and divorce.  I was fortunate enough to meet Carla through Amy over the past Summer and discovered what a sweetheart she truly was.  I cannot speak personally regarding Tim as we never met.  Carla mentioned him each time we talked and how amazing he was.

This isn't just one of those people who everyone talks up because they are gone but someone who OBVIOUSLY made an impression on those he met and those who never met him like myself.  Carla, talked to me about how much fun we would have and that was only what seemed to be a few weeks ago and now it won't ever happen.  I don't want to be sad but I don't want to hide my feelings.  This scares the SHIT out of me...this whole thing has.

My husband drives over an hour to work each could have happened to any one I know including myself.  Carla is a strong woman and probably a stronger one now that she needs to care for 3 children on her own.  She will build and grow through this loss but will never be the same.  Nor will I.  Never again will I go to sleep angry, hang up the phone angry, or even walk away angry.  This has been MY turning moment.

I want to call Carla, I want to hug Carla, I want to bring the kids to my house for weeks....but it's not going to change things.  She needs this time to herself.  What I can do it offer to be there when she needs someone.  I can donate to help with the cost of the funeral in an already terrible economy.  I can learn from what happened, appreciate today, love to fullest, and know that if tomorrow comes it will be a gift....

If you have the time, the money, whatever....take a second to read more about Tim and even donate if you feel you can...Give Forward
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