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*Adult Content*

        Now I know it comes as no surprise that we enjoy the adult beverages between my husband and I as well as in my group of friends.  We truly love getting together, hosting some of the biggest parties we can.  We specifically have two huge parties a year where the adult can get a bit out of control.  At these parties there is always one thing you can count on consuming...SHOTS!

        Some of the problems you can come across though when hosting your own parties, can outweigh the benefits of going out.  It's usually harder to monitor both the amount of alcohol each person consumes as well as how much you are supplying.  Now because I was a bartender way back when, I believe my pours are quite accurate.  However, sometimes we have people passing bottles around, pouring their own shots, or trying to make up their own creations and failing!

        So when a friend recently told me about a brand called Twisted Shotz, I knew it was something we had to check out.  Twisted Shotz are the perfect shot combination of two liquors to make for the tastiest drink ever!  The shot glass is specially designed so that the two drinks twist and mix as they are poured into your mouth.

        Thankfully Twisted Shotz agreed to a review and sent over quite the variety pack!  We decided that over the holiday break, Chantel, Amy and I were in dyer need of a girls letting lose evening.  Being that Kevin had his work Christmas party scheduled for that Friday evening, the three of us got together.

        We each took turns sampling the different flavor varieties and describing what we thought each of them tasted like.  Really out of the ten flavors we sampled, only two seemed to pack a powerful punch!  Those of course were the Rattlesnake (tequila)and the Killer Bee (whiskey).  The other flavors went down smoothly and easier than I'd like to admit!

        Everyone's overall opinion was that these tasted great and would make a great addition to not only any of our parties but to always have a few on hand in our basement bar.  My only suggestion is to not do as I say (I did) by sampling all ten flavors in one evening and especially not on top of consuming any other beverages.  Stick to one maybe two flavors a night or you'll be in for a hangover.
**Of course please drink responsibly**

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Recommendation:  I've got to say this is a set of beverages that you can bet I will be drinking for a while.  I love that these are pre-portioned and ready to go whenever I feel like kicking back with a drink!  I can't wait to get more in hand!
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