Carnivore Club Monthly Subscription Box Review and #Giveaway

        The new trend going around lately seems to be joining a monthly mailing/subscription club where you get a whole buffet of items to try out, test, and enjoy before you have to spend the full amount only to find out you dislike a product or the way it works.  Besides trying out new products, it's also a matter of convenience!  This is a way to sample products from around the world which might not normally be something you can easily find in your area.

        I am excited to tell you about a different style of one of these "monthly box clubs".   The newest company I stumbled across, I am very excited to tell all of you about is Carnivore Club.  When I first discovered this company I truly had no idea what type of gourmet products they would be providing.  Obviously meat of some sort but steaks? Jerky? Beef? What exactly was Carnivore Club?

        "Carnivore Club is the exclusive meat of the month club for discerning individuals! Every month members of the Carnivore Club will receive 4 to 6 different selections of cured and smoked meats, charcuterie and jerky from across the planet. We’ll not only tell you where it’s from, why it’s unique, but also how to serve it to impress your friends."

        This box arrived full of different types of salami and pepperoni for our month.  Because the boys can tend to be a bit picky we decided to actually serve them the pepperoni sliced up on a homemade pizza which they loved!  The rest of us enjoyed the meats either alone or complimented with something Carnivore Club recommended it be served with.  Even on the pizza you could taste the quality as it was unlike that of something I had tasted before.

Available to purchase/Cost:  $50 Monthly 
Promo Code:  Enter promo code "ladybugcc" at check out to receive $10 off your first purchase
Recommendation:  This box is definitely the most expensive of the monthly boxes I've received, however, I was impressed with the amount of meat I received.  The quality was great and if you are someone who enjoys such a variety, I definitely recommend this company!  They make it as simple as possible to enjoy gourmet food from around the world AND in the right way!
Facebook:  Carnivore Club 
Twitter @carnivorechief

Giveaway:  Carnivore Club is going to give one of A Lucky Ladybug's lucky readers a Monthly Box to try of their own!  This is part of the Ignite Your Sense's Giveaway.

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  1. Boo just told me she doesn't want to join a carnivore club even though she's a carnivore. Not sure what she thinks this is. :)

  2. My brother would love this. He's a total carnivor.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. Yummm, I think my family would really enjoy this box. I've taken a look at this before, and was wondering/concerned with what kinds of meats you'd get, and if they do actually taste good. I'm glad to hear that hey quality is great! The pics looks delicious too :) Thank you so much for the review and pics, as well as a discount code. Nice!


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