Covermate Food Covers Review

        So just in time for the Superbowl and my families birthday season, I discovered a whole new world of storage.  I despise using traditional saran wrap and even foil and the waste they create.  Saran wrap is a PAIN, it never comes off the roll clean or even cuts easily.  It's a joke in my eyes because I can't even think about reusing it like I do baggies (and pretty much everything else).

        I have always researched each and every new green idea I can whenever I have the time.  Luckily, I was recently asked to review something called CoverMate - stretch to fit covers.  In essence these look exactly like plastic shower caps and kind of work in a similar fashion.  Designed in five sizes to fit an endless variety of possible shapes!

        "CoverMate food covers have a super resilliant FlexBand" which makes it easy for people like myself to cover those odd shaped dishes without the mess of normal plastic wrap!  These awesome covers are not only REUSABLE when washed thoroughly (top dishwasher rack) but they are safe for use in the microwave and even promote uniform cooking!

        There are even vent holes to help with defrosting and heating in the microwave safely.  Unlike the shower caps I mentioned before, CoverMate covers are made from food-grade polyethylene.  I especially love that I don't need to transfer food into another container for storage at the end of my meals creating less dishes to do and thus being more green friendly again!!

Available to purchase/Cost:  $varies by store - Store Locator 
Recommendation:  I would recommend these to everyone just to save money and then as an added bonus of being "green"!  Also they save yourself the work and stress that can come along with preparing meals and hosting parties!
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