Rubber Duckie and Friends™ Review

        Both of my boys have taken turns over the years absolutely hating shower and bath time.  First, Dane was absolutely terrible about getting his hair or face wet then Declan recently jumped on that train!  Dane is now completely fine showering and actually prefers it over the bathtub and Declan is slowly getting back to enjoying this time as well.

        The boys love taking showers together so they can play together.  The only problem is that now my shower is both filled with tons of toys AND the two of them fight constantly over who is in the center getting the direct flow of water.  They love to shower at my parents house during the summer because they have a handheld shower head which the boys can pass back and forth.

        So when I first stumbled across the company Rubber Duckie and Friends™, I knew it would be something my kiddos would love to try, plus it could help us with getting them to take showers more easily.  Rubber Duckie and Friends™ are a group of character covered showerheads designed for children to use on their own or for parents gentle rinsing of infants.

        If you know me, one of my first questions was "how much water does it use?"  I want to make sure that if they are going to be in there playing while washing that I am not wasting more and more water than necessary.  "The gentle 1.5 gpm flow rate saves water and is compliant with all EPA-inspired conservation laws".  Each shower friend attaches anywhere convenient in the shower using suction cups and of course has a nice 6-foot hose to help reach about anywhere in the shower or bath.

        "Each Friend comes complete with a character showerhead, movable showerhead mount with rubber suction cups, 6-foot white plastic hose, plumber's tape, and a 2-way water flow diverter."  When this arrived both boys were pretty excited and actually pumped to take a shower and try it out!

        Not only did Dane and Declan enjoy playing in the shower, we were able to get through an entire shower and hair wash without a single tear or complaint.  This was super easy to install and Kevin had it set up for the boys within minutes!  It is even so simple that we've already removed it to transfer to the new house!

Cost/Available to Purchase:  $24.99 Dollie the Dolphin 
Recommendation:  I love this and think if you have children this is a great product to have around the house.  I asked of course about being able to use two at one time and it's only possible if you have a three-way water-flow diverter, so we might look into doing so for the kids bathroom at the new house.
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