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        I have always been a very musically motivated person throughout my life (although not talented in any way).  From a young age, I would fall asleep and stay soundly asleep to the strangest sounds.  When completing different tasks around the house like cleaning or even homework and studying, I found myself much more motivated and focused when music was playing around me.

        When I first met my husband it was quite exciting to find not only did he share the same love but he was actually very musically talented.  He had produced a CD in his early 20's as the lead singer in a band and was very dependent on surrounding himself with music as well!  All these things said, we have always found a way to incorporate music into our whole families life.

        Instead of carrying around a boombox like in the 80's or a cd player in the 90's whenever you wanted to hear some music, kids now have their iPods and other MP3 Players.  Its not good enough for kids these days to even have something portable but yet it needs to be something small, portable, and with amazing sound.

        During the month of March (3/2/14-4/4/14) Best Buy will celebrate Audio Fest featuring one month of sweet sounding deals audio specials, events and more. Whether your looking to upgrade your current audio products, adding to your system, or looking to purchase something totally new, you are going to want to visit a Best Buy store to test out and try the best selection in audio available!

        Best Buy has always been our go to place for this type of gadgets to bring music around our home as well as traveling wherever we may go!  Best Buy sent over the JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker to review in celebration of their Audio Fest Month.  This has been the ultimate gadget for Kevin and his passion for music!

        "This JBL streams music wirelessly from your phone/tablet/laptop, its portable and has a speaker-phone, built-in microphone and call-answer button  that lets you easily take phone calls."  Whether its sitting on our couch while the rest of us watch a normal TV program, taking it outdoors by the pool, or bringing it with him to work to listen at his desk, this little speaker goes everywhere and works better than most stationary ones!

        Best Buy truly has the best selection of audio products in today's market!  Their staff is well educated on the products and can make suggestions quite easily based on your needs.  Below is a list of only a few of the deals you can expect to find throughout the Audio Fest Month with so many more!  You definitely expect to find a great deal there!

  • 2x-4x points on all headphones
  • 25% off Select Pioneer Speakers
  • $500 savings on Pioneer Elite Pass-Through Home Theater Receiver
  • $100 Savings on Beatbox Portable Speaker


  • 2x points on Sonos Home Theater
  • All AVRs on Sale
  • All iPod touch on sale
  • Save $80 on Samsung Blu-ray/Soundbar Bundle


  • 2x points on all speakers
  • BDi Furniture (3/7 – 3/23) Save $200 on any Home Theater Cabinet
  • All-on-sale Car Audio Speakers + 50% off speaker installation
  • $50 Savings on Sony MDR10 Headphones


  • Save 25% on all Sennheiser HD 500 Series Headphones
  • All Logitech Computer Headsets on Sale
  • Save $50 - $150 on Select Energy audio products (3/9-4/5)


  • All Insignia Computer Speakers on Sale
  • Save $100-$200 on select Definitive Technology Floor Speakers (3/23-4/5)
  • Save $50 - $150 on Select Energy audio products (3/9-4/5)
  • Save $150 - $300 on Select Jamo Speakers

Available to Purchase/Cost:  $99 JBL Flip Portable Stereo Speaker 
Recommendation:  It seems a little pricey at first when you look at size but in all honesty because it is compatible with just about anything you already have, I'd say the price is worth it.  And of course if the JBL Flip isn't something you are looking for there is bound to be something for you available during this awesome month!
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